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  2. I just got an email from the [email protected] email address. It was doctored to look like a Bank of America page. It asked for “Do you know what are the differences between Internet Banking and PC Banking?” ” Do you know what types of bills can be paid using Bill Payment Service?” ” How many active cards do you/your family have/use?”

    It also asked for Full Name, Credit/Debit Card Number, Expiration Date, CVV, Pin. I also recieved a text message on my phone asking me to contact BOFA because my card had been blocked. It came from [email protected] and asked me to call 1-877-202-3006. Both contacts raised a red flag for me so I contacted BOFA and had my account’s blocked so that I can go into a local branch to get new temp cards. This is the first time I have seen phishing from the same scam come in from both text message and email.

  3. Kevin thanks for commenting. The no reply email address is a fake. It’s used in countless email scams. The email itself is a scam because a bank that you transact business through would never ask for your information once it has it. Second, they would not ask you to email them your vital info, this would only be done on a secure connection not over email. Finally, any reputable bank or financial institution would use your name in the email such as Dear Kevin Pennington.

    As far as the bank of America email it may be real and the number may be real but that is what they want you to believe that it is a real email from BOFA. However, you may also want to run you antivirus program because the scammer may have used a spyware program to watch your habits and with that info figured out your might be a customer with BOFA. I would also delete any cookies and temporary internet file since these sneaky programs may be lurking in your computer.

    I hope this helps.

  4. Here is another one…

    From: [email protected]
    You may not know this sender.Mark as safe|Mark as junk
    Sent: Wed 1/13/10 2:49 PM
    To: 5627

    You have initiated a payment for $11.14 USD to [email protected]. This payment will be completed once the recipient has accepted the payment.

    Payment details

    Amount: $11.14 USD
    Transaction ID: 5GKS47039872SQ

    Because the payment was made from an virtual ip address, we put the transaction on hold.

    To cancel this payment, please follow the link below:

    Cancel Transaction ID 5GKS47039872SQ.

    Email Id: WK 445
    The link goes to…it looks real but the links don’t work.

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