5 Easy Steps to Acquire a Florida Real Estate License

Just like all other states, Florida requires real estate license applicants to meet certain requirements. Many people find these steps to be taxing, but the truth is that they are very easy if you are ready and take the time to plan well.

The Florida real estate license is an important permit that allows one to practice as a real estate agent, broker, or salesperson, and it has a validity of two years. 

If you have just graduated from college or university, or just need to switch your career and now want to apply for an FL real estate license, then follow these simple steps.

1. Ensure That You Are Eligible

Start by assessing yourself to know whether you qualify to apply for the Florida real estate license.

If you are in Florida legally, i.e., either a citizen or a legal permanent resident, you can apply. You should also be an adult 18 years or older and a high school graduate.

2. Complete the Licensing Education

To qualify for a Florida real estate license, you should take the recommended course. Fortunately, the state has one of the shortest courses.

It’s a 63-hour course that you can complete at your convenience, especially if you choose a state-certified online school. These schools offer flexible learning schedules through recorded lectures, downloadable notes, and interactive online sessions with tutors. Check the web for additional hints to understand this better. 

3. Complete the Licensing Exam and Pass

The Real Estate Florida exam is administered online by an authorized body. So, you need to book and schedule an appropriate date to tackle the multi-choice questions and ensure that you attain the pass mark.

If you do not, you will need to try again. One thing to remember is that the Florida real estate license exam is payable each time you try it. Therefore, passing will save you time, money, and frustration. 

4. Submit Your Fingerprints

Another important step before applying for a Florida real estate license is to have your fingerprints checked by an electronic vendor or the police.

This proves your integrity to work as a real estate sales representative or agent. If you are cleared, then you can proceed. 

5. Real Estate License Application

The last step is to apply for a real estate license in FL. Now that you have met all of the qualifications, take the time to apply for the license. According to experts, you can do this through the government portal or by writing to the state.

Follow an option that is easy for you and ensure that you submit the correct information and documents. You also need to look for a licensed real estate firm to sponsor you and validate your Florida real estate license once it has been issued. The firm will also act as your mentor to help you start your career. 


Now that you know how to get an FL real estate license, you can start the process and mold your career. It involves easy but sensitive steps that you should follow carefully. What are you waiting for? Give this a shot.

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