Importance Of Bike Racks For Schools & How To Get Them

Walks have long been replaced by cars, buses, and trains, and it seems as if we’ve all just woken up one day and assumed that going on foot isn’t going to cut it. Sure, it can’t cut it for some larger distances, but we’re now used to using vehicles for shorter distances as well.

Is there something in between those two options, though, something that could cover both the shorter and the longer distances and still be as healthy for us as a walk?

Well, there is, and it’s called riding a bicycle! In order for this activity to be widely accepted, so to speak, bike racks will have to be placed across numerous locations around the town. Check out what bike racks are if you’re not completely clear on that.

If you’d love to see more people using this transportation means, you’ll also want to see those bike racks placed at those various locations, but you’re not responsible for placing them all.

Sure, you’re not responsible for placing all the bike racks across town, but you can do something about increasing the number of locations having these.

For instance, you could have them placed at your school if you’re running one, and thus enjoy an increase in students arriving at school by bicycle instead of, say, by car. If you’re wondering why installing these at home is so significant, get ready to hear about it below.


Importance Of Bike Racks For Schools

First and foremost, having bike racks at school will clearly show your students that arriving by bike is, well, not only accepted but also encouraged.

You could see an influx of people using this transportation means, and you could even see students who’ve never ridden a bike before now become in love with it. If you manage to inspire at least a handful of students to switch to this transportation device, you will have done a good deed.

Why would that be considered a good deed, though? Well, when you inspire people to ride bicycles, you’ll automatically be inspiring them to take care of their health as well. You’ll make it perfectly clear that your school encourages physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle, and the students may slowly but surely start joining in on this activity, or perhaps taking on a different one that will be just as healthy.

Lack of bike racks on campus can also be a serious problem that you’d like to solve:

There’s something in it for you too, though, other than knowing that you’ve contributed to a healthier lifestyle for your entire community. You know how unpleasant traffic congestion can be, especially so when it is right outside the gates of your school. The dropping off and picking up of children in front of schools is causing a major traffic problem throughout the country. If you’d like to do something about it, then start with your own yard – your schoolyard in this case – and have bike racks installed. That way, you’ll see a decrease in vehicles in front of the gates.

Even if you aren’t too worried about any of those two things above, i.e. if the traffic isn’t that bad and if you know that your students are most active, you still owe it to them to keep their bicycles safe if they decide to ride it to school. If they’re worried that it may get stolen, students are highly unlikely to use bikes at all. So, when you solve the safety issues, you’ll probably automatically see an influx of riders in your school.

How To Get Great Ones

Clearly, you’ll be doing a good thing by getting bike racks for your school. In order to really do a good thing, though, you’ll need to get high-quality ones that will last for a long time and that will be completely safe for your students to use. The shopping process has, of course, been made much easier now that you can do it online, but doing your best to find the perfect supplier is still important.

So, when getting bike racks for schools, finding the perfect supplier should be your number one focus. Making random decisions could lead to disappointment after you realize that the products you’ve bought are of poor quality. Since that’s not exactly what you want, I’d advise you to be quite more careful than that.

The reputation of the suppliers, the quality of their bicycle racks, as well as the selling prices, are all significant factors that play a huge role in the quality of your purchase. Thus, you’ll have to do some comparison.

Check out various suppliers, compare the factors I’ve mentioned above and only then make your choice and order the products. Making a successful purchase is a must, and now you know how to do it.

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