How to Choose the Best Staircase Material for Durability

Do you want to install the best and durable staircase in your home? You have to choose the best material, such as carpet, tile or wood.

Every material has its particular attributes to match with your home or staircase.

If you want the best staircase material, here are some essential things to consider.


Metal Stairs

People often choose metal staircases because of their durability. Remember, metal stairs are easy to install and maintain.

Fortunately, you can find the best steel staircase design in Melbourne for your home or office.

It is easy to fit these stairs into your home décor. Remember, metal is an elegant and versatile material. You can add industrial charm and elegance to your rooms.

Metal is safe than several other materials that can get slippery as wet. If you have children, metal can be a good choice.


Concrete Stairs

For staircases, pre-cast concrete is a common material. Undoubtedly, concrete is a strong material; therefore, it is a preferable choice for sidewalks and pathways.

This material can safely carry a vast amount of weight and traffic without corrosion. Moreover, concrete is suitable for different staircases, such as double or single stringers.


Wood Stairs

Wood is a traditional staircase, and numerous people prefer it because of its affordability. Remember, wood is a strong material and can bear a significant amount of weight. You can choose wood for curved stairs or ship ladders.

If you need a natural feel and warmth in your home, you can consider timber flooring. Nowadays, timber flooring and engineered wood floors are two preferred options.

It is easy to install engineered wood floors.


Carpet Steps with Carpet Flooring

Carpet stairs offer attraction as compared to hard surfaces. These are soft on your feet and look beautiful. You will get more choices for carpet flooring in terms of pile and color. Feel free to choose between a carpet runner and a carpeted stair over a wood floor.

If you have to match the riser and treads with the carpet floor, make sure to choose high-quality wood. Beech, firewood, or pine wood are some excellent options.

Remember, the treads will be covered completely using carpet; therefore, the use of expensive and premium wood makes no sense. All treads will be covered with carpet using staples, dual-sided carpet tape, or glue.


Tile and Laminate

For outdoor and small stairs, tile is a suitable choice. It is easy to clean tiles in mudrooms and basements. You can give an attractive and unique look to your home with tiles. Another choice is budget-friendly laminate. Remember, laminate is a budget-friendly option.

You can select laminate looking like elegant wood. Laminate stairs will be a good choice for high-traffic areas because they are easy to clean. If you want to install stairs near the living space, flooring will help you to decrease noise.

Overall, every material has its pros and cons. You have to consider your budget and safety before selecting staircase design and material. For high-traffic areas, you will need a durable and easy to clean staircase.

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