9 Benefits Panelized Home Manufacturer Talk About the Homes

Panelized homes are houses that are built in a factory with panels and then delivered to the home site. The panels are built in comfort-controlled buildings and are sturdy enough to go through hurricane-force winds. They can be made into any design that you wish from contemporary to rustic and everything in between.

You can do more research on these types of homes, which are actually really cool houses. You can research panelized home manufacturer to find someone who will build this type of home for you. These homes take a fraction of the time to build compared to stick-built homes.

There are many benefits to panelized houses, and they can be helpful to you if you want a new home. Some of these benefits are listed below, you can do some research to find more benefits to this type of home.


  1. Less time – panelized homes take less time to build than stick-built homes and are just as beautiful. Because the panels are built in climate-controlled buildings, you don’t have to worry about weather delays. Depending on the manufacturer, some homes can be done in as little as 60 days.
  2. Less Waste – because the panels are made in the factory and not on the job site, there is less waste to contend with. There is less waste because in the factory everything is built to standards that are similar in size for different homes, so one size can fit many homes. There is also less loss due to theft, weather, and vandalism because the panels are built in the factory.
  3. Durable – these panelized houses are more durable than their stick-built counterparts. In fact, there was a study done after Hurricane Andrew and it was discovered that there were more panelized homes left standing due to their construction. It seems that the way they are constructed with the panels fitting together tightly, they are just more durable.
  4. Better for the Environment – fewer materials are used in these houses than in stick-built homes saving more trees for other uses. People also live closer to the factories and have less commute time meaning that there are fewer emissions from vehicles to deal with. These people don’t have to drive miles out of their way to different job sites each day.
  5. Healthier – because these panels are not subjected to rain and snow and other weather conditions, they don’t have the mold and mildew that is possible. This makes the homes healthier and easier to live in. Even though it is still possible for these toxins to be found in the factories, it is less likely to happen.
  6. Remote Locations – it is sometimes difficult to find a contractor that is willing to go to remote locations that may be far from cities and towns. Panelized houses are easier to get to the job site and take less time to construct so more contractors are willing to do it. Since the home is built at the factory, the only thing left to do at the site is to put the panels together.
  7. Lower Average Permit Value – people tend to look at permit value rather than the sale price of these houses because they are built specifically for people that have already purchased them. Site-built homes are usually built and then contractors hope for a sale to someone in the future. A permit value is different because it is the value of the materials and labor. Learn more about permit value here: https://www.lawinsider.com/dictionary/permit-value. Permit value for a panelized home is about $77 per square foot and site-built homes are about $94 per square foot.
  8. Better Customization – with panelized homes, you have a better chance of customization your home. You can choose almost any style of home and have it built to your tastes and standards. This can happen with stick-built homes, but most of them are built for the masses and not for individuals.
  9. Precise Control of Measurements – in the factory, builders don’t have to contend with uneven ground or slabs. They have control over the environment so they can build to specific measurements without having to make up for any faults in the ground. This leads to a more precise home being built.


Panelized homes are a way to build your home in a quicker, more efficient manner.

They can be built in the factory and have the panels moved to the home site for quicker construction. They have less waste than stick-built homes and are much more durable in most cases. You can customize these homes easier and make them the ideal home for you and your family.

Panelized homes are great for everyone, especially if you want your home built quickly and to your standards. These homes are perfect for the environment, as well because they are built in the factory.

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