5 Common Myths About GPS Tracking

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Many companies have implemented GPS tracking technology and enjoyed the benefits it offers. However, there are still some organizations that are reluctant to use it.

This is because they do not correctly understand how this tracking software works and the benefit it offers. Here are a few common myths about GPS tracking.

1. GPS Tracking Software Is Hard to Install and Use

The tracking systems comprise basic components such as a GPS receiver in each vehicle and software installed in an office computer that helps organize and display the data collected. The fact is that the process of GPS tracker installation is quite easy. However, if you are unfamiliar with this technology, you will find everything extremely hard.

To get familiar with how this software operates, create a good rapport with the software provider rather than the tools offered. If you get a reputable, expert GPS tracking seller, they will engage you in the following ways.

  • To implement the fleet tracking software seamlessly and guide you on the best way to interpret the data gathered. They will also help you to enhance the efficiency of the operations taking place.
  • They will offer you knowledgeable and accessible sales and technical support, covering all the service challenges you face.

2. Tracking Software is Expensive

One of the aims of having a tracking system is to help reduce maintenance and fuel costs. The software also helps to improve efficiency while at the same time, you will see the productivity of your field worker in real-time. This means that all operations are fully optimized.

However, some organization leaders tend to feel and think that adopting this technology is very expensive. The fact is that the adoption of GPS software will help you to minimize fleet costs every month. To avoid getting locked in very expensive contracts, explore the various payment options the provider offers carefully.

3. GPS Tracking Software is for Big Firms

The definition of a big firm will solely depend on you; however, all companies are big.

So long as you are an organization operating with multiple vehicles, GPS tracking software will help you get accurate and real-time info from the field. It is good to know the location of your vehicles and what they are doing if you depend on them to complete most of the business.

Improve efficiency by implementing a GPS tracker, which helps increase productivity, leading to more income generation. Also, the operational costs tend to be a bit lower. This means that the cost of GPS software implementation will pay for itself in a short period.

You will also notice that any company using GPS tracking software has tremendous growth.

4. We Trust Our Employees, No Need for Tracking Software

Most drivers or workers tend to think that the use of a GPS tracking system allows the supervisor to watch them closely. However, tracking does not monitor every move your employees make; it minimizes costs and promotes efficiency.

Looking on the brighter side GPS tracker usage helps increase efficiency for dispatching and routing, increase accuracy and speed, minimize fuel and maintenance charges, and offer the drivers safety and security.

5. We Can Manage Tracking Through Our Cell Phones

Cell Phones are an essential communication tool, but they cannot offer the services that tracking software provides. Information such as real-time vehicle location, history of stop times, engine status, and other important metrics is information that the cell phone cannot offer to the fleet manager.

Also, cell phones tend to be very unreliable and inefficient since the worker may turn them off, they might get lost or damaged or be left in the office or somewhere else. So, a cell phone helps to only track the driver rather than the vehicle.


Installing GPS tracking software is very advantageous. As discussed in the above context, GPS tracking helps improve efficiency, minimize costs, and promote the safety of your workers.

Also, the installation and usage of a GPS tracking system are not expensive. You can easily use the software to obtain real-time data which is accurate.

It is also essential to note the above myths and work on doing away with them to enhance the growth of your business through implementing a GPS tracking system.

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