Best Industries To Work For In Canada In 2021

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If you’re considering migrating to Canada for work, 2021 might just be the perfect year.

While a lot of industries have been affected by the pandemic, a few of them outpaced the rest.

Perhaps, you’d want to know if you befit into any of these industries to work before you apply for a Work Visa in Canada.

So, here are the best industries to work for in Canada this year.

Hospitals And Healthcare

It needs no mention that the pandemic has strongly pushed the healthcare industry’s growth over the last year.

In fact, the medical and surgical hospitals have exhibited a stable growth over the last five-year period.

Notably, Canada’s healthcare system is primarily funded by the public sector. According to the Canadian Institute for Healthcare Information, 70.4% of the funding comes from the public sector. And the remaining 29.6% comes from the private sector.

Currently, the number of vacancies for jobs in hospitals and the healthcare sector is 651,335.

Perhaps, if you have a degree and are eligible for immigration to Canada, the opportunity is ripe now.

Fast Food Restaurants In Canada

Although the hospitality industry has been the worst hit by the pandemic, the fast-food restaurants in Canada have expanded.

With 402,477 open vacancies for hospitality workers, the industry is one of the most promising in the country right now.

With the changing preferences in consumer tastes and higher spending capacity, the industry is bound to witness further growth.

If you have a college degree in cooking skills and are willing to work in Canada, talk to your immigration consultant and get started with the process.

Notably, you should go for restaurant chains serving high-profit products such as coffee, smoothies, and salads.

IT Industries In Canada

Another industry that remained immune to the pandemic-led economic crisis is the IT industry.

With over 284,200 jobs, the industry is witnessing tremendous growth. Not to mention, the IT industry is critically important for supporting other industries.

Since the pandemic most of the companies are operating with a remote workforce, the demand for IT professionals is stronger than ever.

Although some may argue that corporate profits have diminished over the last few years, the pandemic has turned the wheel. And, now the industry is succeeding with a sheer volume advantage over just profits.

Banking And Finance

The need for better financing options and a dependable banking system during the pandemic has alarmed certain concerns in the industry.

The commercial banking sector in Canada has witnessed significant growth over the last five years. And not to mention, the banks have performed exceptionally over the past few months.

It is noteworthy here that the industry revenue is expected to grow at a 9.4% annual rate. It reached an estimated value of $240.2 billion in 2020, over the past five years.

Perhaps, banking professionals may consider moving to Canada in search of a better life and higher life quality.

The Takeaway

Canada is already ranked amongst the top 25 countries in the world for its life quality index score. Perhaps, if you are considering moving to Canada for work, you may do it right now, as well.

The prospects are great, the careers are promising, and you can be sure about giving your family a better life here.

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