How a PhD Degree Can Be An Asset To Your Career

After completing years and years of education, you’ll find yourself asking, “What’s next?” especially after a Ph.D. degree. It is normal to have fears and doubts about entering the career world after studying for years longer than most people.

Some people may tell you that you need to worry because companies do not immediately want to hire Ph.D. graduates as they are overqualified and maybe too independent. But, this is a faulty generalization as not all companies have the same requirements, likes, or dislikes.

It would help if you remembered that your future is yours to make. Work on the strengths you have as an individual who utilizes the skills and knowledge you have acquired through studying for a Ph.D. degree.

Here are some of the advantages you have in career advancement as A Ph.D. graduate:


You are a critical thinker, problem-solver, and analytical decision-maker.

These are three skills you acquire having been a researcher for years in your Ph.D. years. You have to know that companies want employees who know how to find answers. You have been trained in your Ph.D. years in identifying problems and the solutions that are needed to resolve them. Employers hold these skills as great assets. What you can do now is make it known that you have these skills.


You are an expert in innovation.

As you have the ability to execute and complete independent research, you are considered a contributor to the progress and development of the field.

In companies, you are expected to continue on this journey of further improving and innovating different areas of the field. This makes you again a job candidate that employees would not want to turn down.


You are not a quitter.

As a researcher, you know that experiments do not succeed in your first try. It’s not impossible, but it’s unlikely to happen. You have failed so many times, yet have kept on trying until you get conclusive results.

This shows that you are not a quitter. You are willing to try and try again until you achieve what you have been working hard for.


You are a creator.

You create information, unlike others who spend their time on research only to validate existing knowledge.

You add to the field. This is one of the most significant and transferable skills you have. Not everyone can create information. The population of people who hold Ph.D. degrees is only less than 2%.


You can never be too qualified for any industry position.

Contextualize and leverage your skills, experience, and Ph.D. degree towards the company’s interests and goals.

Being overqualified is not actually one of the reasons people deny you of the job. If this was the indicated reason, you may want to reassess your social skills during the interview, or your resume.

It is best that you view this as an opportunity for improvement, but you should know that there you can never be overqualified for a job.


You have been immersed in the social impact of acquiring Ph.D. Degrees

This means that you have developed social skills in communication and presentation. Through your respondents in your studies, you are able to enhance your interpersonal and communication skills.

Through presenting your studies in front of a panel of professors and experts in the field, your presentation skills are also put to the test and trained.

Another benefit of this is that you have been exposed to access to professional networks. This is one advantage that others may have a difficult time acquiring.

There are different benefits of having access to professional networks. One of these is having a broad connection which you can tap for information and resources.

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