Can You Turn Unemployment Clichés Into A Business?


Being unemployed is never easy.

Contrary to the common belief, unemployed people are not lazy. Some of them might have found themselves without a job as a result of a redundancy strategy from their previous company.

Others might have left because they couldn’t take it anymore and can’t find the right job for their skills. In other words, you don’t choose unemployment; it chooses you. But it doesn’t mean that you’re powerless.

You can make the most of your time by practicing your interview skills or taking on manual labor to make ends meet until a better opportunity arises. But you could also use your time at home to turn the unemployment clichés into profitable business ideas.

Indeed, it hasn’t probably escaped your attention that as soon as you lose your job, people immediately assume that you’re the kind of lazy person who would prefer playing video games all day instead of working, or that you waste your unemployment benefit on takeaway food.

Some are even convinced that you can’t get a job because you can’t manage to make a positive impression during interviews. These clichés are unfair and unjustified. But, thankfully, they can inspire your next business idea.


The gaming cliché becomes a social startup

It’s difficult to shake off the stereotype of the lonely gamer who spends his days in front of his favorite game instead of socializing and getting a job.

But let’s embrace the gaming image instead of combating it. Video games have the potential to significantly change your brain, especially the hippocampus, which plays a role in spatial memory and the building of long-term memory. 3D games can improve your memory, which would make them a fantastic business idea to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s in specific populations.

Additionally, MMO adventure games, such as the Final Fantasy XV exclusive game can provide the brain with anti-depression patterns. Indeed, the motivation-focused achievements in the games, along with socializing, naturally boost your positive mood. Can you start a gaming therapy business against depression?


Staying at home and ordering food is a business idea

The main reason why unemployment pushes people to buy food instead of cooking is lack of motivation and interest.

You can find a similar situation among lonely seniors, who, as a response to their isolation, eat less because they have no interest in cooking anymore. That’s precisely where a healthy catering service for seniors could be such a brilliant business idea. You could ensure the delivery of balanced diet to help elderly citizens to stay healthy.


Helping people to get ready for an interview

It’s difficult to get ready for a job interview when you’ve been unemployed for a while. Your confidence has been knocked know, and you are not used to professional meetings anymore.

Everyone who has been in a painful emotional crisis encounters the same issues. You could offer a mentoring service to help them regain confidence and make a positive impression when it matters the most.

There is something positive in every situation, depending on how you choose to look at it. If you can’t fight the unemployment clichés, you can turn them to your advantage to launch a successful business.

From the benefits of gaming to the importance of mentoring to rebuild your professional self-esteem, there are a lot of options for a niche business.

So what are you doing to turn your unemployment into a big advantage?  Share your thoughts and comments below.


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