How to Evaluate Job Candidates Skill and Behavior


Assessment centres are particular places designed for the recruitment process where a person is assessed with the help of various tests. In this, a range of activities is designed by the recruiting company to compare the skills of the candidates.

It helps the organization to assess the candidate by simulating the real workplace environment. This allows the company to judge the aptitude, personality, and cognitive skills of the candidate. It provides the employer with an opportunity to communicate the candidate directly. With time the number of applicants per job is increasing that’s why assessment centres are also increasing.

With the advancement of technology, everyone is switching to online mode. The traditional way of assessment centres is also replaced by the online e-assessment way known as virtual assessment centres. This mode is so convenient that every multinational company is hiring its employees through this.

Through virtual assessment, companies can judge new talent from far places also, as for this one doesn’t have to be physically present. This opens the new opportunity for candidates who cannot financially afford to go to urban cities for interviews at various companies.

The companies through the smart virtual assessment centre evaluate the candidate’s skills and behavior in an organizational environment to make vital decisions about the candidate’s ability to tackle the challenges of the company.

They judge whether he has an organizational talent or not. So, in short for companies the virtual assessments act like talent inventories, organizational talent hunt, cognitive ability tests, and activities that help them to hire the best talent.

The virtual assessment centres are not only beneficial for the companies. They are acting as a boon for the candidates also, as through this they can apply for a job at various companies. The benefits include


#1 Large scale

through the traditional way of assessment centres the candidates have limited options in companies.

But with the help of advance virtual assessment centres a candidate can apply from any part of the country. It allows the unlimited number of candidates to apply and also saves their time and energy as they don’t have to travel.

For a company also, a specific location limits the number of participants. The companies also don’t have to go place to place in search of talent. This enables companies to take assessments at various locations at the same time.


#2 Time-saving

The time taken to set up things like scheduling of various tests, the setting of types of equipment for the implementation of assessment, analysis of individual candidate’s result, and giving feedback before making any final decision in the traditional assessment centre is a very long process which includes many hours and labor.

The planning of the assessment centre even takes months. To execute things on time is a very difficult task. In a virtual assessment centre, no such long time planning is needed. As it is a virtual way, the candidate can appear for it from any geographical location.

Just a good connection with the internet is needed. In this, the results are shown immediately and its execution is also simple.


#3 Money Saver

the traditional assessment centres cost much higher than the virtual ones.

Therefore, companies and allow a limited number of entries. Booking the particular location and managing all facilities for candidates like food, travel, accommodation, planning of tasks for participants, and types of equipment demand a good amount of money.

However, with the fraction of the amount spent on the traditional assessment centres the e-assessment through the virtual assessment centre which creates the same environment virtually proves to be beneficial for both employer and participants.


#4 Experience

The virtual assessment allows the candidate to participate according to his convenience. The candidate can select time according to him. It helps to save the working hours of both company and participant. In this, the candidate doesn’t have to travel to the location finalized by the company.

This helps them to save their money and productive hours. It helps the company to even assess the candidates from the rural areas and refine the real talent. It reduces the stress of the participants which is created by the excess traveling and other discomforts.

The participants who don’t like to travel can also easily participate. Thus, all over is makes the assessment a fruitful and excellent experience for both candidates and employers as they have to spend very less energy.


#5 Bias

The physical centre employers can easily take bribe from the rich candidates thus makes the whole selection process corrupted and the real talent doesn’t get the job. The virtual assessment includes the standard online e-assessment where the employer has very little role to play and everything is recorded online.

This limits the chances of corruption. It results in better performance of the candidates and honest results. In this participants can participate freely without the interruption from any outside source.

Through this, a candidate can represent himself without any pressure or stress.


#6 Information

Another advantage of choosing the virtual assessment over the traditional way of assessment centre includes the activities of the assessment happens in the virtual world. It reduces the stress of paperwork of both employers and employees.

Online assessment includes the easy ways of assessing the documents, feedback, and instant results. The instant results attract more participants as in this they don’t have to wait for the weeks or months for results. In case the participant doesn’t qualify he can easily apply for others after seeing his result.

There are many companies which help the organization to organize the virtual assessment centres. Mettle is also one of them. The Mettle’s virtual assessment centres allow the organizations to refine the talented candidates easily.

The experts appointed by them select the activities for the particular role and match them with the correct assessment. They help to assess the candidate’s strengths and abilities in a short time.

They also help to assess whether an individual can withstand the tough organizational environment or not. For more information, you can visit them online and contact them.

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