Why Funeral and Cremation are Different

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Funeral and cremation are two different types of ceremonies.

The funeral is the ceremony that a person undergoes after he or she dies. Cremation is when the body is reduced to ashes.

Funerals involve a mourning period while cremations are done in a couple of hours after death.

There’s also the issue of being buried or not, as it depends on your personal preference.


The Difference Between a Funeral and a Cremation

Cremation is a process in which the body of the deceased is placed in an urn and buried. In contrast, a funeral is a ceremony that marks the death of a person with rituals and memorials including prayers, readings from religious texts, music, eulogies, and sometimes services such as funeral wakes.

In general, cremation can be cheaper than funerals. However, cremations are not always cheaper than funerals especially if they are conducted privately rather than at a cemetery. Cremated remains can also be scattered at sea or another body of water if desired. The Living Urn provides unique urns if you want to go the cremation route.

Funerals cost more money overall but they typically require less preparation time and effort beforehand for those planning them because arrangements will already have been made when the death occurs.


Funerals Offer Suggestions for Future Celebrations & Memorials

Funerals offer a unique perspective on the future of celebrations and memorials. They help us understand the emotions people might be feeling after a tragedy and how we should be planning for our own collective happiness at some point in the future.

It’s true that some things will never change, but ultimately we are all striving for peace and happiness. Death is just part of life; it is natural and unavoidable. But should we be commemorating death with more celebration rather than sadness?

We’re not really sure what society will look like in 100 years, but these examples offer a unique perspective into what might happen in the future:

  • When someone dies, their corpse becomes art and is displayed to raise money for charity.
  • A person’s life becomes an overarching series of celebrations


When to Consider a Cremation or Funeral Service

American funeral homes are slowly embracing cremation in the modern era. Cremation is cheaper, and there are fewer worries about embalming and other rituals that might compromise the body.

It is important to consider cremation when you have a person in your life who has passed away and you have not yet decided on a burial or cremation service. If you still want a traditional burial or if your loved one specified that they wanted this, then it is important that you follow the instructions provided by your funeral home.

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