How Your Business Can Reduce Its Water Usage

Water is an important resource, and businesses use a lot it.

From the water used in manufacturing to plastic water bottles stocked in the fridge for meetings, running a company often means using a lot of water. How can you reduce the water that your business uses in its daily operations?

Cutting back on your waste use might take some initial expenditure, but in the long run, it can save your company money as well as help the environment.

Here are the best things for a company to do to reduce the amount of water it uses in its everyday operations.

Call In A Professional

The first stage in reducing the amount of water your company uses is to call in a professional water auditor. These inspectors often work for government agencies, but there are private practitioners out there who can help the corporate world to save water.

A water audit has several stages. First, the auditor will research your water use and bills and will take a walk-through of your facility to see what you’re already doing.

Next, your bills will be analyzed in greater detail, and the auditor will estimate the cost of replacing your existing fixtures with low-flow options.

Finally, they will provide you with an individualized action plan for your company which provides a detailed analysis of how much and how quickly you can make back your investment.

Choose Low-Flow Everything

Whether your company has an office or a factory, you can save water by installing low-flow fixtures in all the bathrooms and kitchens on your premises. This could include options like waterless urinals, touchless faucets, low-flow aerators in toilets, or low-flow showerheads. Make all amenities that use water low-flow.

Touchless faucets are more hygienic, as well as better at saving water. Nobody needs to touch the faucet with wet, germy hands to turn off the water while they lather their hands with soap.

Your company bathrooms will look smarter too. Low-flow showerheads and toilets use a lot less water than regular models. This water-saving will save you money in the long run, paying for the cost of making the change in the first place.

Think about where your water goes after you’ve used it too. Common flume applications can be used to handle wastewater responsibly.

Use Recycled Water

If your business is in manufacturing, then you can save a lot of money by changing to recycled water, such as stormwater.

Water recycling is the process when facilities collect stormwater, wastewater, or greywater, clean it, and then use it in industrial operations.

The use of complete stormwater management software can help with this, generating reports, ensuring compliance, and optimizing your company’s stormwater management operations.

If you use an advanced water recycling machine you can cut your energy output too, saving you even more money.

Educate Your Team

One easy step that any business owner can do to save water is to educate their staff members. Educating your team doesn’t have to cost a thing except for time, and you might even have someone already on your team who can successfully educate the others.

A seminar is a good place to start. The seminar should include:

  • Best practices, such as turning off the faucet while lathering hands
  • Smart water habits, like using reusable water bottles
  • Conservation tips, such as information on minimum bathing times if your premises have shower facilities and minimum loads for dishwashers in the staff kitchen.

Explore Xeriscaping

Landscaping outside offices can use a lot of water. Xeriscaping is using native, drought-resistant plants in your office landscaping so you need less water to keep them watered and looking good.

This can be an investment to start with, especially if you have to replace existing grass and plants, but by using less water and landscape maintenance, you can make a big saving over time.

Don’t Use Bottled Water

If your office uses a lot of bottled water, such as putting them out on meeting room tables or putting your logo on them to give to site visitors, consider choosing a different gift for clients and putting it in a water cooler.

Order reusable cups with your logo on them instead of bottled water or disposable cups. Reusable mugs or water bottles could even be a good client gift.

Reducing the amount of water you use helps the planet and saves your business money. Any business wants to make money, and the more you can save by saving water, the better for your business.

By conserving water, you can also show that you are a responsible, caring business, and cultivate a more positive brand reputation. Saving water is good financial and ecological practice.

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