How to Transform Meeting Rooms for a More Productive Environment?

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In the last 20 years, office spaces have gone through multiple evolutions.

While the early 2000s gave birth to open floorplans, 2015 brought ping pong and foosball tables to the offices. These trends come and go but the impact office space has on employee productivity will not change.

Having a quality workspace design makes the office environment less stressful and more productive.

Here are some of the points that prove that an appropriate office space and meeting rooms in Los Angeles can actually impact the employee’s productivity.

Tips to Set up Meeting Rooms that Affect Productivity

1. Bright Space

Having a meeting in a bright room and a lot of natural lights is a great way to uplift one’s morale and mood. Bright natural light creates an illusion of being a spacious and open area.

Dark or dim meeting rooms in Los Angeles negatively affect the energy of the room. It makes the employees sleepy and restricts them from concentrating on their work.

2. Technology

Faulty electronic equipment makes the employee frustrated and impacts their productivity. The rise of video conferencing in Covid-19 makes meeting technology relatively essential.

Using multimedia boosts the engagement of the meeting participants, thereby producing a more valuable outcome. It keeps the participants engaged and conveys information in the most digestible way.

3. Blocks Out Noise

Working in a noisy environment affects the focus and makes it challenging for the employee when they overhear in the meeting room.

It is true when meeting rooms in the Los Angeles area near the break room, lunchroom, printer, or copy machines. Excessive noise also increases stress levels in the room, which impacts cooperation, mood, and productivity.

4. More Plants

Adding plants to the room also helps in increasing employee productivity. It is because people are naturally drawn to nature and the outdoors as it makes them happier.

According to some studies, people working with plants in their workspace increase productivity by 38 percent. Therefore, if the meeting room does not contain plants, ensure to set it up immediately.

5. Proper Furniture

Comfortable and thought-out meeting layouts also play a crucial role in employee productivity.

People sitting for an extended amount of time should have comfortable and ergonomic chairs. Consider wheels or swiveling chairs as they allow them to turn their focus on the speaker or presenter.

Ensure to keep the meeting space table large and long for adequate brainstorming and collaboration. A lot of people set their meeting rooms in a U-shaped or boardroom style.


Workplace design highly influences health, well-being, employee satisfaction, and performance. It consists of enormous potential for improving and making a positive impact on employees through human-centered design.

Providing them the area to recharge themselves and make them comfortable can effortlessly make subtle improvements in the physical environment of the office.

Moreover, while making the meeting room valuable, it is significant to keep the entire business safe from damage. Thus, ensure to take all the factors into consideration while making the employees more productive.

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