Where to Buy CBD Vape Pens in Canada?

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Since its legalization in US states and Canada, the CBD market has blown up to accommodate every need of legal CBD users.

The age restriction ensures that the underage crowd is safely away from the highly controversial CBD extracts.

But the legal public can utilize the benefits of CBD for medications, relaxation purposes, stress relief, anxiety, and depression antidotes.

Legal CBD is packed with Cannabidiol and low on THC (0.3%), the psychoactive element that causes the infamous high but is absent in legal CBD products.

You can choose from the vast range of CBD products available in the market, buy CBD vape pens online, bath bombs, oils, tinctures, or whatever suits your need and want.

What are vape pens?

Vaping comes from vapors, which are the base of the mechanism on which it works. Vapes are electronic devices that heat the flavored liquid and allow you to inhale these vapors through a small pipe attached. It requires an e-liquid to get in cartridges or refill in the vape pen, depending on your pen type.

These devices are engineered to reach the actual temperature at which the liquid starts boiling and vaporizers but do not burn it to maintain the boiling point and diffuse vapors for the user to inhale.

It is ideal for inhaling CBD vapors as burning CBD may cause it to lose all the terpenes and complementary cannabidiols. Still, with vapes, you can enjoy the wholesome CBD experience complete with the entourage effect. You can also modify the temperature with advanced vape pens for different CBD oils and liquids.

It can help with insomnia, and depression, relax the mind and body, unwind, let the CBD work its magic to unknot your internal stress, and help you focus on matters of importance.

With vaping, you can be as discreet as you want and enjoy the vapors in the privacy of your house or terrace, or outside. When you buy CBD vape pens, you invest in natural and safe medication for daily use and help you deal with chronic disorders and mental anxiety in a calculated manner.

There is a wide range of options available to those interested in vaping. To see all the different kinds of vaping pen options, you can take a look at sites like this: https://www.canadacannabisdispensary.ca/product-category/vapes/

The vape pens are designed to accommodate a battery; a heating mechanism called the atomizer, storage for CBD oil/liquid, and a mouthpiece.

  • The battery: the battery supplies the energy to the heater to heat up quickly up to 400 degrees Celsius in a few secs. The battery can be rechargeable or for one-time use, depending on the reusability of the vaping pen.
  • Atomizer: the heater or the atomizer is the principal component that heats the liquid Cannabidiol and CBD oil for generating vapors for the vaper to inhale and relax.
  • Storage: the storage space for the e-juice. It can be refillable or in cartridge form for easy replacement.
  • Mouthpiece: for the vaper to inhale the vapors generated by heating the liquid

The primary mechanism of vaping remains the same, but it’s the longevity and reusability that categorizes the pens differently. The one-use vape pens are usable for a limited time and don’t have to be recharged or refilled.

But reusable vape pens are of two types: one using cartridges or one with refillable storage. The open-system or refillable pens operates with e-juice, and closed-system vape pens use cartridges that cannot be refilled but can be replaced.

  • The cartridge pen: battery-operated pen, you can change the cartridges and reuse the vape pen for different flavors and e-liquid cartridges prefilled to avoid spillages.
  • The refillable liquid: the storage unit has to be filled with oil to vape and is perfect for a regular vaper. It is customizable according to your need and use but is less discreet as the size of the vape pen increases due to the battery and storage space for the e-juice.
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Vape pen brands in Canada?

With strict rules for age-restricted CBD consumption in Canada, vape brands are under scrutiny. Hence, the products that enter the market are perfectly safe and usable for legally adult people.

Furthermore, Vaping will not get you high as all the e-juices are made out of industrial hemp with negligible THC content (<0.3%). Following are the trusted brands that are known for quality vape pens with select vaping mechanisms.

  1. Feel CBD: the brand boasts of using combinations of essential oils like spearmint, chamomile, and eucalyptus oil and premium CBD oil for its cartridge. A disposable pen with a rechargeable battery allows you to use the pen for several occasional purposes for at least two weeks. The 250 mg/cartridge of CBD is quality tested by a third-party lab that speaks for its natural produce.
  2. SleeBD: the brand offers CBD oil in blending with fractionated coconut oil, and essential oils like peppermint, menthol, and eucalyptus. Mainly used for insomnia, the brand is praised for its unmatched sleep-inducing effects and is famous as a cure for sleep deprivation. Your mornings will be refreshed and motivated to work for the day.
  3. Culture: sleek, discrete, and disposable, the Culture CBD pen uses 0.5 ml distilled CBD oil that condenses to 400 mg of CBD and is the oldest brand in the market. It has an earthy cannabis flavor and provides around experience complete with terpenes and cannabinoids. It does not require recharge and can last up to 150 draws.
  4. West Coast smoke co.: the quality brand offers a quality CBD vape pen: the dream CBD lavender vape pen. With 250 mg of CBD distillate and infused with lavender extracts, the brand is a top-class brand known for its tinctures and oil used in vape pens. It is a disposable pen so if you are looking for something permanent, go for the other brands.
  5. Buddha: available in diverse flavors, the vape pen is disposable and cannot be recharged. Choose from blueberry, gorilla glue, Halley’s comet, and charlotte’s web for your medical use or evening relaxation. You can choose from isolated CBD pens and full-spectrum CBD complete with terpenes and cannabinoids. It is beneficial for health issues like inflammation, appetite, and anxiety.


With a detailed analysis of the renowned and trusted brands in Canada, you can reach out to your nearest pharmacy for getting the vapes, or you can also order online from the brand website.

You can easily opt for disposable vapes for first-time users or beginners and slowly move to refillable vape pens. Happy vaping!

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