Technophobia: How To Get Over This Common Problem

Technophobia: the fear or dislike of modern devices, especially gadgets, computers, and the internet.


Chances are, if you are browsing our website, you may not be much of a technophobe at all. You have braved the ‘power button’ on your computer, tablet or smartphone, and you have successfully navigated to this webpage.

Well done! You will now consider us patronizing or encouraging, depending on how much of a technophobe (or not) you actually are! Still, as technology is ever-changing, there may still be things that confuse you or give you worry.

Every time a pop-up appears asking you to update your operating system, you may have second thoughts, and there may still be functions on your computer that you haven’t made use of because you are unsure how.

It is possible to overcome technophobia, no matter where you fall on the spectrum. You may be reasonably proficient with the latest tech, or you may still be reliant on older technologies, refusing or afraid to take the leap into the modern world.

Whatever the case, help is available. Consider the following ways to overcome your technophobia.


Improve your Learning

Local libraries and community centers often have classes to help those people who struggle with new technologies.

From lessons in using an iPad to learning the basics of the internet (such as email), there is tuition available to bring you into the modern world.

You will also be studying with others, so you won’t be the only one struggling to get to grips with tweets, likes, emojis, and hashtags.


Ask for Help

If there is something you don’t understand on your computer, you can take a screenshot and send it to your friend or relative to ask for advice.

Of course, if you are a technophobe, this might seem like an insurmountable task in itself, but there is advice here for Mac users on how to record screen on Mac, and there are tutorials online for Windows computers.

There will also be a phone number in the help guide for your tech, whether it’s a laptop or new tv, so don’t be afraid to speak to customer service for some professional advice.


Read the Tutorial

Many people struggle with tech for one very simple reason: they don’t read the tutorial guide that comes with the appliance they have bought.

Instead of struggling, read through the guide step-by-step, and you will eventually get to grips with whatever you are dealing with.

Again, if you are in any way unsure, and the wording is unclear, call on customer service for help to give you get a better understanding.


Only Learn the Skills You Need

You don’t need to know everything. The intricacies of computer code are way beyond many of us, and you will never need to know how to design a website if you have no interest in starting a business or running a blog.

So focus on the things you want to know, whether it’s how to stream movies to your tv or how to upload your photos onto your computer.

It’s about taking small steps, and whether you have self-taught yourself or gained the advice from others, you will have overcome some elements of your technophobia.


Final Thought

Overcoming technophobia is also about changing your mindset. If you can follow the advice in this article, and tell yourself ‘you can do it,’ you should become more open to the possibilities that are available to you in modern society.

Thanks for reading.

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