7 Ways to Save Money When You Are Ready to Purchase Your Next Vehicle

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Besides the purchasing of real estate, the purchasing of a vehicle could possibly be your most high-priced item to buy in your life.

You have had your eye on that great Ford truck, and now it’s time to check out Ford truck dealers in Wisconsin. With that, nobody wants to make an investment in a vehicle only to find out that you could have saved some cash in the process.

In order to save some of your hard-earned cash, we’ve listed seven ways to save money when you are ready to purchase your next vehicle.


#1 Purchase at the Beginning of the Year

Buying a vehicle near the end or beginning of the year will save you thousands. This is because the dealers will need to make room for the new models that will be out by then.

So what better way to get rid of the old models than bypassing the savings down to the buyers?

Dealers also need to make quotas by the end of the year regardless of how much the discount will be.

This is great for you because you can get a brand new car with even more discounts and savings.


#2 Conduct Online Research First

It is always a good idea to conduct online research first before heading to the dealer. When you do, you will see what the real deals look like without having to hear it from the dealer.

There are many websites that cater to car sales so you have many options to make comparisons on the price and features that suit you and your pocketbook.


#3 Visit a Vehicle Auction

An accident involving a vehicle can be a great way to save money when looking for a vehicle to buy. This means you can obtain a vehicle for thousands less even though it may be worth more.

This is because when an insurance company has submitted a vehicle for auction, it is usually because they want to get as much back from the loss as they can.

It’s good to know that the opening bid for an auction is very low and can be at least $125. This is a steal when the vehicle has very little damage.


#4 Consider a Used Vehicle

The reason why it’s better to buy used is that normally after a car is purchased brand-new, the value instantly drops. This can mean thousands of dollars instantly lost once you drive the vehicle away from a dealer.

Sure, going new may be seen as being successful; however, when the value drops, that can be seen as wasting good hard-earned money for nothing.

To get your money’s worth and to actually save money, it is better to purchase a vehicle that was a lease and is at least a year old. The reason why is because many leases mandate the driver to maintain them in a like-new state.


#5 Negotiate to Get What You Want

If you want to save money, then you have to negotiate to get the best price. You must always be able to negotiate especially when it will be you driving the vehicle and paying for it in the long run, not the dealer.

As soon as you step into the dealership, make sure to have your A-game. Also, make sure that your wants and needs are heard and understood right from the start and remain firm with them.

If a salesman won’t work with you, then move on to another dealership. Chances are, when they see you begin to leave, they will reluctantly work with you.

If you want to, you can provide some leeway with your wants, but don’t let your guard down or they could manipulate you to change your thinking. Also, make sure that you have done your research concerning the vehicle that you are interested in purchasing.


#6 Be Pre-approved Beforehand

Being pre-approved before you arrive at the dealership will give you an advantage over negotiating, which can also increase your confidence.

The best way to go about this is to visit the lender that you already bank with. This way you already have a working relationship so that you can easily apply and obtain a great rate.


#7 Hold Off on Your Trade-In

You could easily lose money if you use a trade-in for your new vehicle down payment. The point is to obtain as much of the trade-in value as you can and not what the dealer thinks it is worth.

What you should do is sell your old vehicle first and then visit the dealer to make your down payment in cash.

After making your down payment, you may see that you have some cash leftover. You could use this to make a couple of payments.

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