Elderly Mistreatment: What Can You Do About It


There are media reports of elderly mistreatment taking place, especially in care homes. There is no distinction between north and south, throughout the boot, and at weekly intervals episodes, mostly filmed, of elderly mistreatment that leaves the relatives as shocked as well as the police forces come to light.

This kind of mistreatment is particularly odious if one can say so considering that all mistreatment is unjustifiable, it takes place in places where the elderly are brought to be carefully looked after and intensively cared for.

Beyond the most striking cases, it would be necessary not to have TV, internet and even to know how to read, not to notice a phenomenon so extensive. Concerns about the submerged part that consists of all those forms of violence that are not brought to the headlines.

Usually, relatives notice that all is not right. The elderly, a little ‘out of shame, for subjection or for his physical state of mind, tend not to talk about the abuses he suffers. This behavior is in line with the loss of esteem of every individual, and therefore not just the elderly when he suffers mistreatment.


Recognize Old Maltreatment

Maltreatment of the elderly can be identified and divided into different categories. The first major subdivision that is made is between physical abuse, and then the actual violence, and those of a psychological nature.

Unfortunately, physical abuse is easy to recognize. Unfortunately, because it means they have previously happened and the disappointment comes from the knowledge that there is a moment before the physical abuse of the elderly in which it could probably succeed in blocking the violence. Later we will talk about psychological signals that can help you increase the degree of attention or real alarm.

Signs of slaps, kicks, or tight wrist ropes remain for an extended time in the form of bruises. Try to understand if there are any signs regardless of the health of the elderly and what he says. Together with violence, some seniors receive psychological conditioning, that is, they are afraid.

Among the physical mistreatments, it is also necessary to speak of sexual violence. Also in this scenario, there are obvious signs in intimate parts and therefore hidden.

What to check?

  • Injuries such as fractured bones
  • Cuts on arms legs and face
  • Also broken glasses and torn clothes
  • Pay particular attention to burns or bruises on the wrists joints or ankles
  • Check that the elderly can sit without frowning with pain
  • Bruising or infection in the genital parts and even the aids that occur could indicate to us that there is violent behavior.

It should be added that sexual violence against the elderly is also those that do not have obvious consequences. Forcing him to witness sexual acts, or to make them under threat, or simply to undress, is part of that psychological violence that the elderly himself could out of shame, be put through and not tell.


Psychological Violence Among the Most Widespread Elderly Mistreatment

The elderly mistreatments that are more difficult to detect are the psychological ones, and it is thought that they can also be the most common ones based on the difficulty one has in realizing it in time. There is psychological abuse of the elderly when the latter is subjected to emotional stress through threats, accusations, arrogance and even ignoring it.

To try to find some clues to these sort of elderly mistreatment, pay quality attention to their level of participation in active life, in relation to their usual passions or behaviors. Depression originates from states of particular emotional stress. He does not look like you know any more, the humor in his voice is no more.

A good method can also consist in the observation of people who gravitate around the elderly. Normally, the most influential person is the assistant. It takes a little ‘spirit of observation to look for signs of intolerance or neglect that could give rise to hypothesize a subject not suitable for the care of the elderly, or worse a consumer of liquor or drugs.

Its necessary be assured of your own statements, so collect as many elements as possible that rationally lead to a conclusion and then seek legal advice and actions from legal firms who deal with elder abuse.

What are you doing to make sure the elderly aren’t getting abused?

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