Protecting Paperwork – 4 Tips Looking After Important Documents


Whether in your business and work or your personal life, there will be a lot of important contracts and documents that you will need to look after very carefully.

Some of them will be very expensive to get a copy of it they ever need replacing while others might not be replaceable at all! So, it really is important that you protect all of your paperwork thoroughly.

Think it’s time you got all your papers in order? Here are some top tips to ensure that your documents are all well protected.


#1 Keep Them In One Place

Ideally, you should store all of your paperwork in one place. This might be a filing cabinet or a drawer in your desk, but wherever it is, you should make sure that everything is in there.

That way, you don’t have various pieces of paperwork in different places around your house and office. That could make it incredibly difficult to source a specific piece that you need.

By keeping everything together, you know where to look whenever you need to find anything!


#2 Use Fireproof Storage

If you are able to, you should always use a form of fireproof storage. You can now buy filing cabinets and safes that will protect whatever is inside from any fire and heat damage.

That way, you don’t need to worry about losing any important documents or contracts in a fire. It’s also possible to buy storage units that can always protect their contents from floods and water damage.


#3 Backup As Digital Copies

It’s also a really good idea to backup all of your paperwork onto your computer. That way, you will be able to print off copies if the hard copy ever goes missing or gets damaged.

Once you have created digital copies, you should then store them in the cloud as well as your computer. Don’t worry if you ever accidentally delete a digital file that is important to you as there are now many companies that offer file recovery services.

If you want to know more about this, you can find out at You’ll see that most companies will be able to recover all your important digital documents even if you do accidentally hit ‘delete’!


#4 Destroy Old Copies Correctly


There might be a time when you don’t need a piece of paperwork anymore. In this instance, you should always destroy it rather than keep a hold of it.

Otherwise, it could end up in the wrong hands and you might find that you become a victim of identity fraud as a result.

You should correctly dispose of these copies so that no one is able to get your personal details from them, as this could also lead to identity fraud.

The best way is to use a shredder, like the ones at, and then throw out the shredded paper with your usual rubbish. Make sure that you aren’t able to read anything on the shredded paper, though.

Hopefully, all of these tips will help you protect your paperwork!

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