Could Going Green In Your Business Save You Money?

When there is a shortfall in disposable cash in a small business it can be easy to think that going green is far out of reach.

It can also be very easy to think that as a small business your efforts will take too long for you to reap any benefits. However, that doesn’t need to be the case.

There are some simple steps that a small business can take to go green while saving money in the long run, lets have a look at some of them below:


Become Paperless

Regardless of the type of small business you have, it is likely that some form of documents is needed at some point.

These could be part of every day, weekly, or on a monthly basis, but they do exist. If you think about all of that being on paper, it equates to a lot of trees, time, and money.

Many businesses have already moved online, including everything from letters and communication with clients.


Move To A Green Energy Supplier

Switching to a green energy supplier could be one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to make your business greener.

It hasn’t been something that has always been easy for businesses, however, as more of the world is making the move there is becoming a larger pool of suppliers that are able to supply what is needed for a business as well as a domestic property.

Of course, if you are a small business renting an office space it will likely be easier for you. Have a look online and see what a difference it could make and how much it is likely to save you each year.


Encourage Recycling

Much like you recycle at home, it also possible to recycle in your workplace. There are many ways you can do this too.

From introducing recycling points in the office through to using industrial rainwater tanks it all goes towards making your business greener.

You could even offer incentives for the departments that commit themselves to recycle the most and offer prizes for the green champions in the office.


Buy Second- Hand Furniture

When it comes to updating your office space or kitting it out, you don’t always need to buy brand new.

In fact, if you want to go green as a business you are much better off kitting out your offices by making use of second-hand furniture, not only is it better for the environment it can also save you quite a lot of money.

It helps to reduce the amount of waste in landfills and makes sure that perfectly good equipment doesn’t go to waste. There are many websites online where you are able to find good quality pre-owned office equipment.


Reduce Carbon Emissions

If you use a car in your business, purchasing one that has zero or low entitles you to pay lower road tax.

You could also offer a bike to work scheme for your employees. Encouraging them to get more exercise, use their car less, and reduce the business’s overall carbon footprint for the daily commute.


Recycle Old IT Equipment

When it’s time to upgrade and replace your laptops, printers, or computers in the office, you should consider using a supplier that you know can recycle your old equipment.

They may even give you some credit for your new purchases. Some suppliers, for example, will offer to recycle your old appliances free of charge, even when you didn’t originally purchase them there.

Some places will allow you to trade your eligible devices. Don’t allow it to build dust in the cupboard when it could be recycled and save you money.


Choose Green Suppliers

You should choose suppliers who have the same outlook with regards to becoming greener. If you can show your customers that you care about who you are using as a supplier will send a positive message about what your small business stands for.

This will also help when you are trying to get the best employees too. Using green partners is certainly something to shout about it your marketing campaigns, your website, your blog, and Facebook page.

It can also help to attract the attention of customers who are also making greener changes in their homes, after all, it is something that is a big focus for many people at the moment.

If you work with caterers, cleaning suppliers, stationers, delivery services, or other providers that are also aiming towards becoming green, shout about it.

ou will inevitably boost your business potential and set a great example for others. When you are looking at suppliers, don’t be afraid to ask about what they are currently doing to help the environment.

You may even find that they appreciate the interest and also show an interest in what you are doing too.


Choose A Green Cause To Help

There are many national and local environmental charities out there that are in need of help. That help doesn’t have to come in the form of money either.

For example, you could allow your employees to volunteer, volunteer yourself, or offer your office space as a drop off location for charitable donations. You could also have a look at a sports event, sponsored walk, or bake-off, etc that help raise some funds for a green charity such as Friends of the Earth, or World Wildlife Fund.

Remember to take pictures and share the events on your social platforms to show your customers exactly what you are doing. They may even want to get involved and follow you on your journey.

It can be great for your company image, especially if your customers can see the difference you are making for the charities you have chosen. Why not write a few blog posts about some of the green changes you are making and link to the charities on there?

This should help you to go greener as a small business. Have you started to make any changes in your business? Please share some of them in the comments.

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