UK’s First Circular Economy for Battery Metals Secures Deal With Lead-Acid Battery Recycling Group

Technology Minerals is delighted to announce that its subsidiary, the Recyclus Group, has signed a deal with a UK lead-acid battery recycling group.

This new alliance delivers a recycling process that will ensure no parts go to the landfill, in an industry that has traditionally caused harm to the environment by incinerating parts or sending them to landfill.

Traditionally, the process of taking apart batteries has been very harmful to the environment over the years, with many unrecyclable parts going to landfill. Spent batteries produce 18,000 tonnes of pollution each year in the UK – which is worrying considering the increasing demand for vehicles.

This deal will help provide new technical processes, where parts will be desulphurized to make the lead eligible for reuse – in turn, cutting slag waste by 90%. It goes without saying that this positive step forward will have a great impact on the carbon footprint left by the battery market.

This collaboration will help accelerate the battery market towards a much more sustainable future. As electric vehicles (EVs) replace the internal combustion engine, the strain on the battery metals industry will be enormous – so much so, the metal and mineral demand for the EV industry is expected to double that of consumer electronics.

There is currently no national capability for end-to-end battery recycling in the UK, and that’s where Technology Minerals and Recyclus come in. Recyclus have established leaders in the sustainable world, working collaboratively to build an ecosystem that supports the circular economy.

Alex Stanbury, CEO at Technology Minerals, spoke about his excitement for this partnership:

“Our goal is to make battery recycling as sustainable and ethical as possible. Our partnership with Recyclus will help us take another step forward to make the battery market more sustainable.

Now, more than ever, it is important to find ways of becoming more environmentally-friendly. There is no reason why we all can’t strive to be more sustainable, regardless of the field you’re in.”

Alex concludes, “There are many positive things to come as we continue to stamp our mark on the battery market. This is just the beginning.”

This deal comes just a few short months prior to Technology Minerals’ public listing on the London Stock Exchange, in March 2021, via a Reverse Takeover (RTO) with Stranger Holdings Plc (to be renamed Technology Minerals PLC upon completion of the RTO).




Technology Minerals

With its HQ in London, Technology Minerals Ltd will be the UK’s first listed

company to create a circular economy for battery metals within a singular

company. They will also be one of the first UK companies to extract the

raw materials required for Li-ion battery cathodes; recycling them for use

by battery manufacturers. For more information please visit,

Recyclus Group

Also based in London, Recyclus Group leverages next-generation recycling technologies for current and nearby market commercialization. Recyclus vertically integrates recycling services and is working to create 100% recyclable, zero-landfill solutions. For more information, please visit

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