How to Maximize Rewards When Playing Online Poker


How often are you dabbling in online poker? If you’re playing on a regular basis – did you know that there are ways to be rewarded for your loyalty every time you play poker online?

Today we’re running you through how loyalty programmes work and how to choose the right programme for you…


How Does It Work?

Basically, poker sites want to reward you for being loyal to their poker room and for spending your cash with them.

In return for your valued repeat custom, these sites offer money and a range of other perks through their VIP programmes which reward high volume and high net depositing players.

As a general rule of thumb – the more you spend, the more you should get in return!


Who Benefits?

These programmes are worthwhile whether you’re a pro or a recreational player. Pros are able to profit financially from the rewards that they earn, and recreational players can benefit from having their bankrolls kept afloat.

What’s more, there are tons available online, like on game qq online and other sites so feel free to browse before picking a programme that you like.


What Can You Win?

The most common perk is cash. Depending on where you play you should expect to earn back as much as 30-50% of what you pay.

This rake back perk is particularly beneficial for professional players who can end up spending thousands in fees due to the amount they play.

There are also VIP programmes that allow you to amass points which you can then turn into physical items – video games, electronics, apparel – in some instances even cars!

You can also secure all expenses paid trips and free tournaments or satellite entries into big poker competitions with massive cash prizes.


How to Choose a Program?

There are two ways to choose from. Firstly, look at the percentage that you will get back. Establish how much it will cost you to earn a point and how much each point is worth to you.

Look at how many points you get per dollar paid. You should compare what each site offers to establish the programme with the best returns.

The second way to find the right programme is to look at what perks you can win – if you really need a car – choose a programme that offers cars!

To get the most of your loyalty programme – conduct a little research into the options out there, consider what games you plan to play and how often you plan on doing so.

You may have to do a little math to work out which programme is most beneficial for you and your style of play, but the groundwork will be more than worth it.

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