3 Ways To Get More Appointments At Your Clinic

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You’ve noticed that the title of this post is rather ambiguous. A clinic can mean many things, but that’s the point!

The information in this post relates to any small business owners with clinics or practices that are used to see patients/clients. It could mean dental clinics, physical therapy clinics, nutrition clinics – you name it!

Regardless of what industry you’re in or what business you run, there’s a common problem for all people running clinics; appointments.

If you don’t get a steady stream of appointments, you won’t make money. It sounds simple because it is. This is your income source, you need to ensure people are booking appointments as regularly as possible.

Bearing this in mind, let’s explore three ways to instantly get more appointments at your clinic:


The first appointment offers

A tactic that’s used all the time by any business offering services that begin with a consultation. The idea is that you offer a great deal to entice people to book an initial appointment at your clinic. From here, you showcase your talents and look to book them in for repeat appointments.

Think of it as giving them a taster session for a discounted price. That seems to be the main offer people go with; lure in clients with a big discount on the first appointment, encouraging them to take the next step and book themselves in.


Online booking systems

You will be surprised at how many people hate booking things over the phone. It’s somewhat inconvenient as you need to call at the right time, there are also hearing issues and connection problems as well – it’s just not the easiest thing to do.

The simpler option is to go online and book the appointment that way. If your clinic uses some practice management software, you’ll be able to create an online booking system. This is easier for you to manage, but it’s also so much better for the consumer.

Giving people an option to book online rather than calling is so convenient and can instantly encourage more appointments at your clinic.


Local SEO

The third and final tip is to use local SEO to get your clinic out there. As a brief breakdown, local SEO refers to local searches that people make via Google. For instance, they will search for dentists in a particular area, being presented with all the relevant nearby clinics.

The results are shown normally, but they are also shown on a map at the top of the page. By using local SEO, you can raise awareness of your clinic in your target areas, pointing people straight to where you are.

It’s a pretty complex thing to master, and the above video will provide some tips that will help you out. Still, it’s worth doing further research or working with an SEO specialist to truly see the benefits of this approach.

Your business is bound to see more appointments almost straight away if you implement this advice. More bookings mean more money – and it can also give you a chance to create loyal customers who keep coming back for more.

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