5 Tech Mistakes That Can Cost You Big

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Your business’s digital technology is one of those fields where spending some money is unavoidable.

Indeed, skimp and save too much and you’re likely to have low-quality equipment that frustrates your employees more than it helps.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t control your costs even when you’re giving your IT setup the investment that it needs. Here are a few easily avoided mistakes that can help you keep costs down.


1. Not doing automation right

One of the big benefits of using tech in your daily work is that it can be used to automate all manner of tasks.

There are plenty of tools to help you automate, too. However, automating without human supervision to make sure it is going smoothly is a big problem that can lead to easily avoidable mistakes.

You shouldn’t automate with the aim of immediately cutting the staff that previously took care of those same processes, as they can play a huge role in making sure automation is going effectively while taking care of other processes, too.


2. Outsourcing all your training

Providing formal employee training is a crucial step in making sure that your team has the skills they need to make use of all of the tools that you’re providing them with.

However, while external training can definitely help you import new skills, you should also invest in internal training. Those employees who have adopted the skills necessary to the best degree can then go on to help train others, for instance.


3. Skipping the cybersecurity

There are free cybersecurity tools out there that your business can make use of.

However, the truth is that they’re not going to provide the kind of protection that you need.

If you fail to protect your business from data breaches, then the cost of one alone can enough to put you in serious jeopardy. Investing in enterprise-quality anti-malware should be considered an essential cost.


4. Hiring in-house tech guys

Having a team of IT professionals to help you take care of your existing setup, address inefficiencies, and highlight potential upgrades is crucial.

However, having an outsourced IT consulting team can be a lot more cost-effective. The costs of hiring in-house can be more than the average small business can justify, especially if they don’t have enough work to keep that IT team productive the whole time.


5. Not having a backup and emergency plan

A data breach is costly for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons, however, is the loss of the data that your team uses to operate across a range of processes.

For that reason, it is essential that you have some form of a disaster recovery plan that should make use of data backup services to make sure that your chances of permanently losing your vital data in the case of things like a ransomware attack are greatly reduced.

Remember, don’t assume that you can stop yourself from spending any money on your IT. You need to invest in it to make sure it’s a valuable tool to your team.

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