How to Prepare your Home to Sell

It may seem counterintuitive but spending time and money on getting your home ready to sell is essential, especially if you would like a fast sale or indeed a higher price.

This is important as house sales have started to decline. If you want to buck the trend, the presentation is crucial.

Presenting your home well and much better than others on the market will ensure you achieve these two things.

Below are some tips to help you prepare your home to sell.

Clean & Tidy

While you do not need a full overhaul of your home, cleaning it from top to bottom and tidying it will ensure your potential buyers sees it presented at its best.

Cleaning doesn’t cost you a cent, but it does take time. Knowing a few quick and useful cleaning hacks can also help you speed up decluttering. Houses in broom-clean conditions will usually sell faster and attract potential home buyers.

Of course, if you are unable to do this yourself, you can always hire someone to clean your house for you. For example, a Phoenix maid service, or similar service in your area, does a great job at this. Sometimes just having a different set of eyes helping you clean your house will help catch things you may have missed.


If you have been in your home for some time, there will be areas where you have stored items that you will probably never use.

Decluttering is the answer; it’s also a cathartic experience to get rid of things that have been cluttering up your home for some time.

If you do have an emotional attachment to items, consider using storage until you sell your house.

Another thing you can do is hire someone to clean your house such as a maid.

Fix broken items

Finishing that DIY job or fixing items that you haven’t been able to get around to will be vitally important to show your home off to potential buyers.

If your home has been well cared for, they will notice and won’t be put off with a list of jobs that need completing before they move in.

First impressions

People often choose whether they like a home as soon as they enter it. Make a good impression from the start. This means looking critically at the front of your home; is it inviting?

Can you spruce it up with plants or paint? This first impression is so important for potential buyers.

This does mean you may need to spend a little money on doing this work but if you are struggling financially, then read how you can track your expenses for some inspiration.

Remove some personal items

Of course, you want to continue to display family photos and all the items you have collected from family and friends over the years.

However, not everyone will appreciate this. Pack most of your family items away until the house is sold and just keep out a few key pieces.

This will allow potential buyers to see themselves in the space.

Tone down color

This is another way of depersonalizing your home. Whether you are selling it on the open market or Andrew The Home Buyer will take it; you will want a buyer who can see themselves in the space.

Toning down bright colors and instead opting for neutral ones will assist in selling your property.


As well as eliminating any bad smells such as pets, it’s always good to add some welcoming aromas.

Baking bread and cookies is a great way of adding a welcoming homely smell as well as adding a bunch of flowers too.

Odors can be a significant barrier for buyers, so ensure you eliminate the bad ones and increase the good ones.

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