Are Manufactured Houses Worth More Millennial Time Than Their Tiny Counterparts?

If sites like YouTube and Pinterest are anything to go by, the future of real estate lies in a little thing called tiny housing. You’ve likely seen plenty of these by now.

These literally tiny homes are a modern take on mobile living. And, there’s no denying they have their benefits. For one, they’re more affordable than houses. They also allow more individuals to fit into crowded urban areas. And, in a world where we care more about preserving nature than ever, that’s a real plus.



But, with the fuss dying down, many people are shouting the case for manufactured homes instead. To some, the differences between these two options will be difficult to spot. They’re both portable housing.

They both cost a fraction of a regular house. But, there are some sure reasons why manufactured homes could top tiny living.

This seems especially the case when you consider it’s mainly millennials who are opting for this lifestyle. To prove the point, consider what manufactured houses bring which their tiny counterparts don’t.

A More Affordable Option

The main argument for a tiny living is that it’s cheap. Hence why so many young people are taking this option. This way, they can forget about lifelong mortgages.

Instead, they can save up and buy their tiny home upfront. But, these options may not be as cheap as we think. Naturally, their small size means the overall cost is low.

But, most resources state a tiny home costs an average $400 per square foot. It’s possible to buy a manufactured home for 1/10th of that. You might pay more upfront.

But, regarding what you get, manufactured homes are actually a far cheaper option. And, they still boast of freeing you from the confines of mortgage payments.



A Quantifiable Risk

While tiny houses are a new trend, manufactured housing has been big in America since way back in the 1950s. In fact, some of the models from way back in those early days are still around somewhere today.

As such, it would be fair to say that they have more than proven their staying power. As a result, it’s as easy as anything to do a quick online search, or go to for homeowners insurance for manufactured homes.

Companies are willing and able to protect your assets here. With tiny living, things aren’t as simple. Many insurance policies come complete with clauses, such as the fact you can’t live in them full-time.

That means, if something does go wrong, you can’t guarantee a tiny investment is a secure one.


The Chance to Grow

As can be seen from properties like this one listed on, manufactured homes also offer the benefit of suiting growing lifestyles.

As they meet partners and start families, those in tiny homes may start to struggle. By comparison, manufactured options offer much more space, and thus can grow with you.

As such, you won’t need to spend money on moving again when your life starts moving in the right direction.

Are you considering a tiny house?

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