4 Benefits of Having Pro Parkers Deal with your Rental Property’s Parking

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Parking is a perennial problem for every car owner in the metro. Aside from ridiculously exorbitant rates (at some places), it’s the lack of decent parking that makes ride-sharing service and other public transport be much more appealing to most people.

However, not everyone can literally ride the train to get to work, and to be honest, it isn’t as safe as it used to be now that there’s a deadly virus lurking just less than a meter away from you when you ride a bus or something.

So how do you deal with parking? As a rental property owner, it is your job to make parking a desirable thing to attract more and more clients to your area. But how do you do it? Simple, hire a professional parking management company.


What’s a professional parker?

Professional parkers are basically valets that take parking management to the next level.

They basically find the perfect spot for their clients to park in the metro while the car owner and his companions get to enjoy the rest of the day going to their actual destinations. And their first stop? Your rental space.


Benefits of a professional parker to your rental properties

When someone rents your property, whether your an actual hotel or a small local serviced apartment, most likely, your tenants would want a place to park. But they aren’t always too keen on actually parking especially if they can’t really stay that long in your place.

So before they decide to just board the train to get to where they want to go, tell them even prior to booking, that you already have a professional parking company to help with your valet services. If that doesn’t sound cool enough, here are more reasons why you should hire a professional parker:


#1 Better lot management

A professional car parker is someone who can understand how necessary it is to manage your parking lot space.

For example, long-term guests’ cars can be stowed away farther from the exit, than short-term ones. Those who checked-in as a group can also have their cars together when necessary so that it’s also easier for the cars to be identified.


#2 Increased lot Capacity

Let’s face it, not everyone is good at driving, let alone parking a car. When there isn’t much space, or there isn’t any space, to begin with, professional parkers can help solve that problem.

A trained and seasoned professional parker knows how to do a parallel park and can even park for stacked parking systems without breaking a sweat!

This ultimately gives you a lot more capabilities that would definitely attract customers.


#3 A safer and cleaner environment

Parking spaces are probably the least secure area of your building despite housing cars worth thousands of dollars.

So with a parking manager, you minimize the inflow of people who come in (whether they’re guests or not), which makes your area safer and not to mention cleaner for a longer period of time.


#4 Better customer experience

Who doesn’t want to get special treatment especially on vacations? Your clients will definitely be thankful that you have their parking needs covered, whether your actual parking lot is already full. Why?

Well, professional parking companies can do more than just perfectly park cars in your existing lot. They can also find other safe places to park the vehicles of your clients. Whether they’re in your place for work or play, time is always of the essence, and parking isn’t supposed to be on their minds.

Easing that burden will definitely ensure that your guests will come back to your place whenever they need to.


Final Thoughts

Truth be told, not everyone knows about professional parking management companies and how advantageous they can be to any hospitality business.

So this is your chance to offer a better overall experience for your clients. Just be sure to follow through with excellent service inside your establishment itself.

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