5 Fun Things to Do in Florida On Your Birthday

The iconic city of Miami in Florida is best known for its exhilarating and sublime pack of excitement.

It has beaches, museums, sports, culture, entertainment, and everything that you can think of.

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#1 Florida Birthday

The state of Florida is a hotspot birthday attraction. With the Gulf of Mexico on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, you just cannot get enough of unending beach fun. With cities like Miami, Orlando, and Jacksonville boasting of their unique lifestyle and heritage, your birthday treat is sure to get extra-large.

In the “Sunshine State”, you can visit the Discovery Cove in Orlando to closely interact with joyful dolphins, tropical birds, and sea otters.

You can also experience the local version of a cruise ship on the Jungle Queen Riverboat at Ft. Lauderdale.  If you looking for good cruise deals then check out aaa cruises deals.

The Sci-Fi Dine-in theatre in Orlando provides you with a combination of dinner and movie theatre that you simply cannot resist on your birthday. You can also delve in to explore different flora and fauna in Miami’s Jungle Island.

#2 Lake City Florida Attractions

Located in Columbia county in Florida, Lake city is another conurbation with a serene landscape. Here you can make the most of different cultural festivals and natural parks as part of your majestic birthday celebrations.

The Olustee State Park on the Battlefield trail road takes you all the way back to 1864. It is full of signs that are memoirs of Florida’s largest civil war. You can also enjoy a happy meal in the distinct picnic area in the park.

To mark your celebrations with a shot of premium beer, you can visit the Halpatter Brewing Company in Hernando Ave. It is a one-stop destination to enjoy brews of different tastes, delicious food, and even top-notch musical performances.

You can set your sights on the famous 3-day Alligator Warrior Festival. It is a marquee event that commemorates the rich history of Lake City and is marked by diverse historical camps, food, music, and dancing.

#3 Free and Cheap Things to Do at Panama City Beach

You surely will not want to miss out on the jostling atmosphere of Panama City Beach. Moreover, it has got certain additional features that you can leverage for free or low fees to make your birthday more memorable.

The Natural Conservation Park in Panama City Beach offers you a supreme tranquil environment. You can either enjoy a stunning view from the trails or can experience the soothing waterside walk without spilling a single penny.

If you have got enough sight of the beach and want to experience something challenging, then the Pitt Spring area will give you the required recreation. You can enjoy fishing, swimming, hiking, and canoeing at no associated cost.

With a mere $8 in hand, you can land at St. Andrews State Park. Here, you can scuba dive deep into the ocean or enjoy a picnic with friends and family at a peaceful, calm, and secluded spot.

Frank Brown Park in Panama City Beach promises lots of action. You can enjoy different sports and aquatic activities including long water slides with an entry fee of just $3 per person.

#4 Things to Do at Destin at Night

At Destin, you will not be short of options that will etch your birthday night in your memory lane forever.

A visit to the iconic Destin Harbor at night is worthwhile. You can experience the best intermix of waterside nightclubs, bars, music, drinks, and restaurants specializing in various cuisines.

A joyous evening on quiet waters in a yacht is a temptation too difficult to let go of. At Destin, you can bring this wish to life at Choctawhatchee Bay. Moreover, this beautiful night gets even prettier with varying American cuisines and diverse seafood.

The Village Door in Fisherman’s Cove will serve you the required dose of melody. It is a music hall cum pub that holds various musical events at weekends.

You can also visit the XD Darkride Interactive Motion Theatre to experience adrenaline-gushing 7D movie experience. It is in the Harbor Boardwalk in Destin and combines stunning audio and visual effects to bring you the best excitement.

#5 Panama City Panama Skyline

The Panama Skyline comprises a majestic mixture of tall buildings, palm trees, and a beautiful sky. A view of this prepossessing skyline might just be the tastiest icing on your birthday cake.

To get a comprehensive view, you can visit Cinta Costera. From here, you can see the best of Panama City from skyscraping edifices to the old city center.

When Are You Planning Your Trip?

These tips on celebrating a birthday in Florida will surely add value to your birthday plans. If you have already made up your mind to visit the Sunshine State, then start planning your itinerary today.  Also, keep an eye on your ESTA status to get your travel approval at the earliest.

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