BD Buds for Headaches – A Great Natural Alternative!


Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the over 120 cannabinoids (compounds) found in the cannabis plant. The other common cannabinoid is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and is known for its high effect on users.

However, CBD does not alter the mind like THC. CBD has been known for its pain-relieving effect as well as reducing inflammation.

Some people claim that the compound can help to alleviate symptoms of some types of headaches. But there is still not enough evidence that CBD Products can help with migraines.

Despite the insufficient evidence on the efficacy of CBD for headaches, people struggling with migraines who have yet to find an effective treatment may consider cannabinoids.

That said, anybody who wants to use CBD should first consult with their physician before purchasing it online from a store like Organic CBD Nugs in order to understand the correct dosages if they are able to consume it.

Moreover, it would help if they ensured that the product is from a reputable or reliable source to ensure its quality and safety.

A Look at the Use of CBD for Migraines

Cannabis was used to deal with headaches for many years before it was made illegal. Nevertheless, there has not been adequate scientific evidence relating to CBD’s effectiveness and safety for the treatment of headaches.

But researchers seem to agree that one or more components of the cannabis plant may have therapeutic effects for head problems including migraines.

One vital point to keep in mind is that most of the experiments involved the entire marijuana plant, so the results would differ if it was just the CBD oil alone. Since CBD oil has shown the potential of reducing pain and inflammation in arthritis, it is taken that it may work the same with migraines.

According to a 2017 review of studies, the researchers concluded that marijuana played a useful and active role in treating migraines. However, there are not yet sufficient studies on the efficacy of CBD in particular.

The cause of migraines and the effect of CBD are also still unclear. Besides that, there is a need for more studies focusing on specific marijuana components such as CBD.

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Research Findings on CBD for migraines

CBD can be an alternative for relieving pain. Going by the suggestions of a 2012 study, CBD oil can help reduce some types of chronic pain. But it’s worth noting the focus of the research was not headache and migraine specifically.

From the results of a study in 2016, medical marijuana may reduce the frequency of migraines. Still, the research was not specific to CBD oil. There is a need for more studies on what dosage and formulation work best.

According to the authors of the study in 2009, there is evidence that points that cannabis compounds could treat chronic pain in patients who have been on opioids for a long time and want to minimize their use.

Along the same line, a 2018 study in Australia did not find any connection between the use of cannabis and decreased pain or a lower dependence on opioids.

But of importance to note is that these findings relied on persons reporting their use of marijuana, most of which was illegal. Furthermore, it was based on the impact of cannabis as a whole, not CBD or any other specific cannabinoid.


CBD is used in various forms such as capsules, as ingredients in foods or beverages, as drops put in the mouth, or topical treatments, just to name a few. It may also be vaped or smoked.

The big concern with CBD’s use for migraines is that the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) does not regulate it, so there is no control over its potency before getting to the shelves in the US for various uses.

It is also critical that anyone with migraines first consult a physician before going for CBD or any other natural supplements and therapies. This is because some natural remedies like cannabis and CBD can interact with other medications, posing health risks.

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