Has Coronavirus Changed Our Driving Habits for the Better?


There is a lot of negativity in the news right now and it is a worrying time for all, but one positive story that is worth paying attention to is the evidence of the environment recovering during the pandemic.

The Coronavirus pandemic has significantly reduced environmental impact, largely through people driving far less with restrictions on movement, remote working, and food delivery.


A Healing Environment

With fewer cars on the road, along with a reduction in emissions due to many businesses shutting down, countries all over the world are seeing evidence of the environment recovering.

This includes seeing wild animals return to their original habitats, clear waters in Venice canals, clear skies in Delhi for the first time in living history, and many other wonderful sights.

The big question, though, is that are these long-term results, and will this change people’s habits?


A Different Situation

Historically, there has been a sharp rebound in emissions after a recession but this is a different situation to what has occurred before.

Life will be very different both in the short and long-term which could have a lasting positive impact on the environment and change people’s driving habits.


Less Driving

One of the most obvious changes is that many businesses will be fully embracing remote working which has been successful in many industries during the pandemic.

This will greatly reduce the amount of traffic on the road as well as reduce emissions, plus many people will continue to do most/all of their shopping online as this is much more convenient and safer while there is still a threat of the virus.


Green Driving

Of course, not everyone will completely give up on driving and it will still be important in many cases for traveling to work, taking kids to school, socializing, etc. What is likely to change though is people switching to electric cars, which was already happening prior to the pandemic.

This is because there is increasing pressure to make the switch along with the 2035 ban to consider, plus the technology and infrastructure are improving. There are also many excellent models to choose, from, including the iconic Toyota Prius and you can find coverage in the form of a warranty for this car from places like ALA.

Seeing the environment recover during the pandemic has been fantastic during a challenging period, but it does make you think about the impact that society has on the environment. Hopefully, these will be long-term improvements and it will encourage people to make positive changes to their habits once life begins to return to normal.

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