Maintaining The Roof-The 8 Tasks To Be Done Every Few Years

Repairing a roof can be a costly exercise.

If you delay your roof maintenance activity, you may spend a considerable fortune to repair it.

Luckily, there are a few periodic tasks that you can do every few years and avoid long time damage to your roof.

#1 Get it repainted

This is the easiest maintenance job you can ever do for your roof. Painting your roof means protecting it from heat, snow, and rainfall.

Get a trained painter for the job and if possible, award him a long-term contract for your roof painting. Apart from painting, he will come periodically and inspect your roof and do some preventive jobs as well.

Don’t use substandard jobs for your maintenance activity; always buy superior paints and resins. You can buy good quality paint and know more about it you can click here.

#2 Cut off all the hanging branches

You might be wondering about the connection between overhanging branches and your roof maintenance. Most of us do not know that leaves and branches secrete a very minute sap that deposits upon objects lying underneath.

This sap contains chemicals that may damage the cement that binds your roof tiles. The best way to prevent this kind of damage is to trim all those branches that are overshadowing your roof.

Another way to protect your roof is to remove all the grass that is growing in the tile joints. Like the branches, grass also damages the roof structure over a period.

#3 Doing away with rodents

Pests like rats often make their house inside the roof cavities. Remove these pests from your roof cavities to enhance their life.

#4 Removing Shingles

Shingles are small gravel that locks themselves in the roof joints.

Over a period, these small rocks erode the underlying roof surface because of repeated movement. You can ask your roof painter to remove these shingles as part of his contract.

#5 Sealants

Sometimes there might be a small hole or crack on the surface of your roof that you may find hard to detect. You can detect these extremely small crevices or holes using advanced thermal imaging equipment.

Inexpensive yet extremely effective, this equipment is easily available in major construction-related stores. Block all the holes or cracks using sealants which are easily available all across Australia.

Ding this simple activity every few years enhances the life of your roof significantly.

#6 Checking for Rust

If you have some metallic objects on your roof like shutters, nails, etc, check them periodically.

If these objects are rusting, repaint them or simply remove them. Rust is a corrosive material and can damage your roof pretty significantly.

#7 Clean your pipes

To enhance the life of your roof, check out for leakage in your pipes, drains, and gutters, and pay attention to any strange noises from roof you hear, as this could also be an indication that something isn’t quite right.

Pipes carry fresh and wastewater and are another source of worry for your roof. Pipes and drains also carry various other kinds of waste material like food, etc.

If your pipe or drain is leaking, it may damage your roof over a period. The waste that comes out of the leaking pipe contains acid that corrodes away the cement or the tiles in your roof.

To enhance the life of your roof, check out for leakage in your pipes, drains, and gutters.

#8 Chimney maintenance

Badly made chimneys also can damage your roof. If you notice any loose or dangling tile on your chimney, replace t immediately to conserve the life of your roof.

#9 Remove moss

Moss is one of the most common factors behind damaged roofs in New South Wales, according to a recent research survey.

Moss contains harmful acids that eat away the roof binding material. To maintain your roof, you may like to remove moss from your house periodically.

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