What’s Worth Some Good Money Inside Your House?


We all own quite a few items, whether we have the pride of place on bookshelves and mantle pieces, or stashed away in the attic for some point in the future when we plan to make use of them…

Either way, these little or hidden treasures could be worth a lot of money, and you should definitely be looking into selling a few of them off just in time for Christmas! You’ve got quite the budget to maximize on, after all, and now’s a hotter time than ever to try and bag a high price for your old clutter on the online market.

There’s a lot more money in your house than you may first think – all you have to do is go through your rooms with a fine-tooth comb, and plenty of expert advice on your side. So, without further ado, let’s help you comb through your house and find some of those items that could be worth good money.

If you’re someone who’s made quite the collection out of old stamps or pieces of jewelry in the past, now’s the time to reap your monetary rewards.


Any Vinyls You Have Stashed Away

Music is something we all enjoy, isn’t it? And some of us have an awful lot of love for it – as human beings, we’re hardwired to enjoy rhythms and rhymes, and that means there’s a huge market out there for old pieces of music tech and memorabilia. Even just your old CDs from the early noughties could be worth a mint, especially if they’re not widely available on the internet market anymore!

And seeing as vinyl has had a bit of a comeback recently, and are now becoming more and more widely available in physical record stores and chain shops, you can bet there’s a market out there just waiting for any types of vinyl you have stashed away in the back cupboards.

Even better, if the vinyl you own are still in their original wrapping, or they’re of a select few lefts in the world due to a limited run when they were first released, you can get upwards of $15,000 if you’re lucky!


An Old Laptop or PC

Old computers have a great selling point for them. Indeed, any old tech you have in your house could be a lot of money, but it’s specifically computers that will bring in the most here. And why? Because the parts inside them, as well as the casing itself, can be used in a variety of ways. Even for big companies and corporations who accept old tech from their customers, a computer from the early 2000s (or even just from 3 or 4 years ago) is going to have a lot of potential future profit.

To run you through a few quick numbers here: an Amstrad PC from the 1980s could be worth upwards of $300, and a Commodore PET from 2001 could be worth about $800. If you want to see big bucks like these, you’ve just got to find the right buyer, and they definitely exist out there! Definitely don’t just throw your old tech out!

So, you could privately sell your old computer, or you could just take it down to your nearest game or gadget shop to have it valued. After all, even when they give you a good price on the spot, you don’t have to take the offer! You could very well get a better portion of money somewhere else.

Selling your computer? Delete your data first with WipeDrive, because before you do sell, you’ll want to make sure you’ve returned the item to its factory settings, and have erased any personal data that may still be lingering in there.


Any Vintage Clothing in Your Wardrobe

We all need to wear clothes, and we all have our own personal styles when it comes to dressing up on a daily basis. But for some of us, the vintage side of life is the best kind of fashion, and there are all kinds of clothing agencies and vintage box stalls out there who make big bucks every single day. These are the people who know the value of clothes, and the value of the sentiment behind the making and manufacturing of them, so why not take a leaf out of their books?

Because any vintage or retro clothing you might own could be worth quite a lot of money in the modern-day and age. T-shirts with interesting prints and a mix of colors, or long trench coats with a famous name on the tag inside the collar, can fetch you upwards of $100 here and there. But where can you find such a lucrative market to peddle your wares in?

Of course, the internet has a lot of options to offer you here, but that doesn’t mean your local area is without its resources. Local fashion shows and weekly markets, as well as vintage fairs that might be held in the surrounding towns, are all popular places to fetch good prices on the vintage t-shirts and trousers you have in the back of your wardrobe.

Make sure anything you’ve got to sell is clean and still able to be worn, as well as made of the quality and safe material. If you know there’s something wrong with a piece that you’ve just dug out, don’t build bad faith with a potential customer base by peddling it to them without warning!


Got Any Watches in Your Jewellery Box?

Jewelry itself is very pricey, especially if you have some pieces from a good while ago, or if you own diamonds that have very few imperfections and a negligible amount of mixed materials inside them! But for this section we’re focusing on a very specific part of your jewelry box: the stand at the back where you keep your watches. Because these wrist pieces could be worth a lot of money to someone out there.

A lot of big and famous names make watches, and if you’re someone who owns an old Rolex, you could sell it for any amount of money between $1000 and $25,000 – if you know the serial number on the back of the watch, you can search for it online to see what amount of money your old Rolex could be worth to someone.

And be sure to keep your watch collection, if you have one, as safe as you can. Each watch has a different selling point, after all, and they all have their own valuations to them. Make sure you’re aware of just how much your jewelry box could be worth, right down to the specific 5th or 6th digit!


Could You Make Some Money with the Items in Your House?

You might not even know it yet, but there’s a lot of money inside the average household, even if you think you own nothing. After all, your bank account isn’t the only monetary asset you own, and anything you’ve invested in or collected in the past is going to have some kind of current cash value to it.

If you’re interested in learning how to find the right prices for selling your things, make sure you stay up to date on how the vintage and used markets work. Even just taking your old clutter or cleared out attic inventory down to a local yard sale could fetch you some very good pennies, so either way, it’s worth it to have a scout through your house!

Are you thinking about selling some things around your house?

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