7 Ways To Excel In The Workplace


If you want to make sure you excel in the workplace, whether you’re new to the role and to the company or you’ve been there for a while, here we have some advice that will help you.

Excelling in the workplace isn’t about attempting to step on all of your colleagues – it’s simply about becoming the best version of yourself.

Take a look and see how you can begin to excel today:


#1 Always Stick To Your Promises

Making sure you’re somebody who always sticks to their promises is absolutely essential.

There’s a saying that goes ‘always under-promise and over-delivers’, and this is something you should aim to do to a degree.


#2 Be Positive

Nobody wants to be around somebody who is problem-focused rather than solution focused and has a negative attitude to everything, so be as positive as you can. Remember that your words are important, and the way you look at things can easily rub off on your workmates.

This isn’t some ‘think positively and the rest will follow’ shtick, but your mindset is exceptionally important to how well you do at work.


#3 Make Sure You Speak Up

Share your ideas as often as you can. Speak up in meetings.

Pay attention to others too – if they have shared an idea but have been largely ignored, maybe tell the room if you think it’s a good idea. Just never pass off somebody else’s idea as your own – a big issue in offices sometimes.


#4 Stay Flexible

Making sure your flexible is going to be far more beneficial to the workplace.

Sometimes you may need to start work earlier so you can finish earlier, or start work later and finish later. Perhaps you’ll even be needed to take on extra shifts or hours – whatever you do, do try to stay flexible and show that you’re willing.


#5 Focus On Your Fitness

Fitness and the workplace can go hand in hand. Whether you’re in the fire service or in an office doesn’t matter – fitness is still important. It can give you a clearer mind, less stress, and help you to be more efficient at your role.

If you need to have a specific level of fitness for your job, then processes as respirator fit testing will likely be in place. Make sure you’re prepared and know what to expect.


#6 Learn How Your Coworkers Want To be Appreciated

It’s not exactly your job to show your coworkers that they are valuable, but letting them know when you believe they’ve had a great idea or done some great work can go a long way. Be a champion for your colleagues.


#7 Speak To Your Boss

If you know that something could definitely change in the workplace, speak to your boss. Speaking up and letting them know what you want and deserve will help everybody to be happier – just make sure you present a great case so that they can’t refuse.

For example, if you want a better atmosphere, let it be known what you think is affecting it. If you just want free refreshments, then make sure you say something.

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