2 Positive Ways To Respond When Business Growth Is Slow


As a business owner, growth is something you are bound to be interested in. After all, if you aren’t growing, then you might face greater struggles when your nearest business rivals start to overtake you.

But if you are struggling to grow your business, perhaps because you don’t have the customers or the subsequent profits to enable you to do so, then you need to respond to the issue accordingly.

In this article, we are going to list just some of the things you might want to try in such a situation.


#1: Figure out what is going wrong

If sales are slow, then there has to be a fault somewhere. Are your sales staff not pulling their weight? Is there a problem with your marketing? Could your website be off-putting?

To understand the problem, you need to look at every facet of your business.

It might be that your sales team needs extra training. With knowledge in trending sales techniques, they might have more opportunities for reaching your business targets. Analytical tools, such as those provided by Chartio’s salesforce dashboard, could also benefit the performance of your team.

Where your marketing is concerned, you might want to consider your demographic. Are you targetting the right people? If not, you should commit to market research to find out more about the people who are likely to benefit from your business.

And if your website is broken or unattractively designed, you might want to fix any issues yourself or outsource to a web design firm. You might then see more sales coming through on your site.

So, take a long hard look at the various facets within your business, and source those weak points.


#2: Research your competitors

If you are seeing a downturn in customers, it could be that your nearest rivals are snapping them up! Should this be the case, you need to take action and pronto.

The easiest thing to do is to visit your rival’s websites. Look at what they are doing better than you, and take note. So, you might want to pay attention to their pricing, the quality of their service or product, and to the aesthetic appeal of their website itself.

You might want to send out feedback forms to past customers too. Ask them if there are reasons why they haven’t returned to you, and ask why they might have chosen your rivals over you.

And under the pretence of being a customer, give your rivals a ring. Find out as much as you can about what they are doing, and pay special attention to those areas in which your business fails in comparison.

By finding out more about your rivals, you will then have an understanding of what you need to do to better them.


Final Thoughts

In most cases, there will be reasons why business growth is slow. It might be that it’s only a seasonal thing, so there may be little to worry about. However, if you are consistently making a loss rather than a profit, then the tactics we have suggested need to be your priority. By taking these positive actions, you will learn more about what needs to be done and have the impetus to action those changes.

We wish you every success moving forward.

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