4 Things You Might Not Be Disposing Of Properly In Your Business


We’re all trying to play our part when it comes to recycling and helping the environment.

Although many of us have properly mastered the art of separating packaging, there’s other things that may you’re not disposing of properly and that need addressing.

Here are four things you might not be disposing of properly in your business.


Electrical Waste

Not all technology lasts forever, and therefore, it needs to go to scrapyard heaven. However, there’s definitely a certain way that you should be dealing with electrical waste, and that certainly isn’t by just throwing it into the bin.

Instead, you should be looking into companies that can come and collect and dispose of electric waste through the proper means. Also, you may have some electrical items that have confidential or personal data on them, and this might be worth getting professionally wiped.

Start creating a collection point for staff to get rid of any electrical waste, and when it gets full, you can then arrange a collection of electronic recycling. Some won’t charge you, but some will so be sure to do your research.


Food-Covered Packaging

A lot of food packaging can now thankfully, be recycled. However, you must always take caution when it comes to packaging that has probably seen better days.

Some food is not always easy to eat and can be quite messy in its contents. That content is going to be going all over the packaging that it’s in until it comes to a point where it’s no longer recyclable.

A little bit of pizza grease, for example, is fine but not if it’s smeared with all of the tomato and cheese. Just have a think about the poor person who will have to sort through those weeks later when it’s all rotten!


Paperwork And Literature

As many businesses try to go paperless, there’s thankfully more thought in regards to our trees. However, you want to be wary of certain paperwork and literature like books and pamphlets.

Some of this paper can be recycled, but there may be certain items that have been coated or bound with something that isn’t recycled.

That makes recycling it that much harder and so if you have literature like books that may go to someone who could learn something from it, take it to a thrift store or give it to a local charity.


Broken Glass

Most recycling companies will not accept broken glass to be recycled. This is because of the dangers that it causes to those handling it. No protection will likely protect the user fully when handling broken glass, and if an accident happened whilst handling it, well it isn’t worth thinking about!

Sometimes as much as you feel you’re helping when recycling, you might not be so successful in how you recycle properly.

Clue yourself on your local area’s rules when it comes to recycling and to encourage it around the business. Set an example and ensure everyone is doing their bit to recycle their own waste.

What are you doing to dispose of harmful materials in your company?

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