4 Tips to Using Modern Tech To Secure Your Business

Want to tighten up your company’s security? By using the latest technological innovations, you can stay one step ahead of criminals.

Here are just a few ultra-modern technologies that are transforming business technology.


#1 Biometrics

Sick of having to remember multiple complex passwords? Biometrics could be the answer. A secure and convenient alternative to traditional passwords, biometrics allows you to use unique components of the human body to identify yourself.

A few examples include fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, voice recognition, and iris scanning. While traditional passwords can be forgotten or leaked, biometric passwords cannot be mishandled in such away. A growing number of companies are now using them for access control.

Biometrics can even be used in addition to passwords for an extra layer of security or used interchangeably. It’s worth investing in high-quality biometrics software for the best reliability.


#2 Smartphone access control

There are also access control systems that can allow you to use a smartphone as a key. Users simply download an app from which they can be granted access to specific doors and gates by yourself. Given that almost everyone nowadays carries a smartphone, this can be a convenient form of access control that doesn’t involve having to give out keys.

You get to decide who is granted access and can monitor exactly who is accessing your premises at any given time.

Technologies like geofencing can even be used to monitor access into entire areas. You should spend time shopping around to find the best smartphone access control company for your needs.


#3 Smart security cameras

CCTV has come a long way since the days of grainy footage stored on video tapes. There are many smart security cameras on the market that can provide clear footage and can be viewed in real-time on any device.

Some of these cameras can even be linked up with smart locks and smart burglar alarms, alerting you on your device whenever they are activated so that you can check the camera to see who is there. You can watch the camera from any location, allowing you to even go on vacation and keep surveillance over your business.

It’s important that you maintain your camera to ensure that it is always in fully working order (mistakes such as not cleaning cobwebs off them can be a big faux pas in the event of a burglary).


#4 Drone security guards

When it comes to patrolling large outdoor areas, some companies are even starting to use drones as security guards. Using a remote control drone you can fly around an area and check for intruders from above.

You may even be able to record footage using some drone cameras. All in all, it’s like having your own personalised police helicopter. When choosing a drone, look for something mid-range or higher – a low-end drone is likely to be harder to control and may not be able to offer the surveillance you need.

Some drones can be controlled using a smartphone, helping to further give you more control from one device.

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