5 Important Factors When Starting a Drinks Company


When people think about starting a business, they usually focus on the industries that they think are indispensable, and which will always be needed.

There’s unlikely to be a time when people don’t need to call out a plumbing service, for instance. But oddly, some of the most fundamental aspects of life are overlooked when it comes to businesses.

We all drink something every day, and it’s often more than water. For this reason, starting your own drinks company, whether alcoholic or soft, can be a profitable venture. As with most businesses, however, success won’t just come your way.

We take a look at a few essential tips for helping you to find success below.


#1 Find Your Audience

You’re not going to win the hearts and minds of everyone out there. There’s no drink that all people in society like equally; even beer is divided into different types, which is then marketed at other people. When it comes to your beverage, you’ll need to think about what type of people you’re aiming your product at.

Most likely, it’ll be people in the same demographic as you, though this won’t always be the case. Before getting started, find your audience — it’ll help influence many other aspects of your company.


#2 An Eye On Design

The funny thing about drinks is that, when you buy one you’ve never had before, you’re just taking a gamble.

You don’t know if you like it, and there’ll be no refund if you don’t. So how do people choose something for the first time? While price and other factors such as location on the shelf both play an important role, the biggest factor is probably the design of the packaging.

This is what draws people’s attention, and gives the drink some credibility. While you’ll want to put most of your attention on creating a delicious drink that you’re proud of, your secondary concern will be the design.


#3 Production Matters

It’s all good and well creating a drink on a small scale, but things can become a little complicated when you have to scale up and produce the beverage on a mass scale.

You’ll need to find a process that works best for you; this might involve outsourcing the task to another company, or getting the equipment and doing it yourself. You’ll also need to keep an eye on health and safety matters, which is where things like FEP tubing will be needed.

You’ll need to find a way to find a balance between costs and quality, too, so that you have a sustainable model.


#4 Start Small

Because of the costs involved, it’s recommended that you start things small, and then slowly scale up.

Costs can quickly mount up if you expand before you’re really ready.


#5 Get Feedback

Finally, make sure that you’re getting feedback every step of the way. From the public, this will help to improve the taste of the product and the packaging.

From retailers and bars, this will help you to figure out how to make your drink more marketable.

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