“Smart” Marketing: 4 Ways To Market To A Customer Through Their Phone


It’s the most important piece of tech in the last 20 years.

A smartphone isn’t just a way for us to keep abreast of changes by the second in this world, but it’s a crucial tool for any business to take advantage of, especially in terms of marketing.

The modest mobile phone has revolutionized business in every single way, and this is why, if you haven’t done so already, you need to figure out ways to grow your business through this device.

What are the ways to do this?


#1 Podcasting

Podcasts have become an art form all in themselves, and for the average commuter, it’s a way for them to get engrossed in a story without diverting their attention onto a tablet or laptop.

Creating a podcast to aid your business is a very fine art, but this is why it’s worth contacting a podcast agency so you get the content just right, but are also able to go further than the modest beginner’s level podcast.

Everybody starts a podcast now, but if you are using it to benefit your business, it can’t just be a commercial for your services!

A podcast is a marketing tool, but it’s also, in many ways, the driving force for, not just your business, but for many other businesses that will work with you.


#2 Developing An App

Every business needs an app, especially in the customer service sector, as this can drive leads and sales, but it also makes life easier for the customer.

A mobile app needs to be easy to use, and this is why many businesses develop software in-house to create an app that is intrinsic to the customer journey.

Ensuring that you communicate your brand and ethics through your app, but also make it user-friendly is what will make customers come back.


#3 Using Text Message Marketing

It’s not just about the internet! We can use mobile or SMS text messaging. We have to remember that 41% of mobile phone users use their phones for text messaging instead of talking.

As a result, SMS marketing becomes a great way to interact with a customer and even get immediate feedback from the recipient.

It’s a quick way to market to customers, but it also gives you the opportunity to personalize a message, giving it an informal feel, rather than sending a blanket message that a customer can see right through.

To help you out you can use some sample political campaign text messages here to help you get started.


#4 Creating QR Codes

Short for Quick Response, QR codes store lots of information and because you can transmit them digitally, and send them quickly, it is the perfect opportunity to get to customers, but also give them a unique deal.

It’s all about convenience with the mobile phone, and a customer doesn’t have time to sift through your website; giving them access to a QR code means that they can get exactly what they want right away.

It’s a perfect way to transmit a lot of information quickly, and as the customer gets what they want quickly as well, they are likely to be impressed with your speedy service.

Are you marketing to your customers through the phone?

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