When Should You Look Elsewhere In Your Sector?

is gold a good investmentAll of us have some kind of occupation that is inside a sector. Far too often we get bogged down in our choice of pathways and believe that our options are few and far between.

However, we have to understand that the sector has many industries. industry are the different areas of the sector. For example in the transport sector, you have cargo plane pilots, commercial airline pilots, private charter pilots, training instructor pilots and search and rescue pilots to name a few.

All of these jobs have criteria of firstly, being a pilot and the job and or role comes second. As you can see, you have the opportunity to ply your trade in many different ways but still remain in the same sector where such opportunities exist.

This is how we should all think we’re never trapped in one line of work and it’s about time you also explored what else your sector has to offer. But when is the right time to do and how should you search?


So close yet so far?

Let’s say you work in business but you are exactly in the right kind of industry you wanted. Sometimes moving away from your current industry can be too early.

In fact, it could damage your chances of entering into the industry you really want. For example, you are a marketing professional and right now you work in a sports drink company. You would like to move from this area into the sports teams industry whereby you will be marketing the team itself.

If you don’t have enough experience in your current industry this could harm your chances of being accepted in the interview process. At your current role, you must try to get some experience working with players, try to have meetings with them to see if you could market the product more effectively based on their knowledge.

When you have experience working with players, teams, coaches and sports teams in general, then you can easily transfer that experience into a more direct role of making marketing campaigns for those teams. Yes, sometimes coming in cold turkey is not going to be the best way forward.

Try to see what opportunities you have in your current industry to edge yourself closer and closer to your real desired industry.


The yin and yang

The private and public industry are always competing with each other. It’s normal for a professional who has worked in the public industry for a long time, to want to see how it is in the private industry; a vice versa.

This is particularly true in the healthcare sector where many private industry professionals would perhaps like more stability and have the opportunity to work with big-name companies.

You can do this with a job search at AB Staffing whereby they mainly have roles open for Federal contractors that need specialists and many other kinds of healthcare workers. The job type, location, industry, and date of listing is all supplied on each job description so you can easily spot which ones you would feel more comfortable with.

The great thing about private and public industries is that professionals can easily transfer their skills to either side.

The only difference is how each industry operates and perhaps the kinds of jobs that are available. In the private industry you will have competitive salaries but also there’s a need for more specialists. In the public industry you have job security, the ability to transfer branches when you want to move location as well as benefits such as your own health insurance.


When you see an opening

New industries are forming all the time. Take a look at the technology sector, just ten years ago the app industry was incredibly small. Now it’s a billion-dollar industry in the technology sector.

When you see an opening like this, it’s only right for you to consider being a part of it. The opportunities are incredibly varied and they grow in type and number every single year. They may at first be specialized but eventually, there will be a need for all kinds of professionals in a growing industry.

Just make sure that you’re watching the growth carefully and see if it’s just a short-term bubble or a real long-term industry.

Never be so bogged down in one industry that you never use your opportunities to explore your sector. You never know, you might feel more comfortable in the public sector rather than in the private sector.

Are you looking in a new sector?

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