How To Successfully Switch Career Paths


Many of us end up on the wrong career path.

Getting onto the right career path can be difficult when you’ve spent so long dedicated to another career, however, there’s no point continuing in a direction that isn’t making you happy.

To help make a successful career switch, here are a few necessary steps that you’ll need to take.


Find your calling

You may already have a dream career in mind. If not, then you need to find your calling. There’s no point switching to another career that you think might work for you, only to realize that you’ve chosen the wrong career path yet again.

Consider the things you want to change about your current career and the perks that you’d like to keep. Perhaps you’ve had enough of working in an office, but you still want to work around people.

Whatever the case, it’s important to try and keep as many of the perks that you currently enjoy. Talking to a career counselor could be useful – there are companies like SEVEN career coaching that you can use.


Decide how much of a leap you want to take

The bigger the leap, the longer it will take to get there. For instance, it could take a long time to switch from being a medical researcher to being a sports journalist.

Consider if there’s a way to bridge the gap – such as become a medical journalist. Your previous experience could help you to get into that career more quickly.

After a few years, you may then be able to make the jump to sports journalism.


Get educated

Education could be necessary for many careers. For instance, when getting into nursing, the likes of this Grand Canyon University nursing degree could be important. There are other careers like law and veterinary medicine where a degree is similarly required.

That said, education isn’t always mandatory. For instance, you don’t need the education to get into real estate or even programming.

Most employers will look highly upon a degree – it can be a way of showing proof of knowledge – however, you may be able to do without it. Just make sure to do your own learning and research.


Get voluntary experience

Having experience in your new chosen field could also be important. You may be able to get this experience by taking up some voluntary work.

Whilst there are voluntary positions advertised online, sometimes the best way of finding voluntary work in your dream field is to simply ask employers directly.

Many will be willing to let you work there voluntarily to get you the experience you need.



Knowing the right people can also be useful when trying to get into any career. Consider attending networking events and connecting with key people on LinkedIn.

Talk to any friends in your social circle that may already be in your dream career or who may have connections and see if they can help you.

Are you switching careers?

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