7 Great Reasons To Use SoundCloud


Music is more than just a job, it is a lifestyle and a passion. If you have decided to pursue a career in music in any shape or form, you will know how much dedication and work it takes to succeed in a bloated industry.

For a musician to find success in the world it is always important for them to know how to promote themselves and share their creations with the world.

There are so many ways to share music with the public including giving your CD to a local radio station or collaborating with a YouTube creator to have your music in the background of a video.

Soundcloud is a service that can be often overlooked, but for a musician, it can be a useful and crucial tool to gain exposure and a loyal audience. Visit jaynike to buy SoundCloud plays.

Today we want to discuss soundcloud promotion and why you should consider using this service to share your music with the world today.


#1 It’s for everyone

If you have been familiar with SoundCloud for a while now, you may be under the impression that the service is only for Indie and Rock bands. This is absolutely not the case.

Sure, many Indie bands do use the service to promote and share their music, but many other genres are shared through SoundCloud and they are often very successful in doing so.

SoundCloud has a whole host of big bands and unknown names, and a lot of the time bigger names will use SoundCloud to find people to collaborate with, which is what happened when Snoop Dogg discovered Iza Lach.

Many big artists such as Adele and Taylor Swift share their music here so you can make the most of your music no matter what genre you are.


#2 Discovery

No matter whether you are a budding musician or simply a fan of great tunes, there is some real scope for you to discover and be discovered on SoundCloud.

You’ll always be able to see what is popular in the charts and often some new suggestions of music will be given to you based on past choices you have made for your playlists.

This means that you have the chance to come across a whole myriad of new bands and artists. You’ll be able to search by genre and popularity and this will allow you to see a whole world of musical talent at your fingertips.  For the Best Sites to Buy SoundCloud Plays, Followers & Likes (2020) check this site out.


#3 Share Some Sounds

The main thing which prevents musicians from sharing their work with the world can be the difficulty to upload and share.

However, SoundCloud makes this process super easy and you’ll have no trouble at all sharing your music with the world in minutes. The site rightly dubs itself a “global online audio distribution platform” and this couldn’t be more accurate.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t start to share your music online immediately and create a name for yourself in the music world.


#4 You can share on your website

With the world existing largely online these days, it is important for us to be able to share content online and build an online presence.

For any personal brand or business, it is crucial to have a real online presence because this is where the people are and where you will gain exposure. A website is an important thing for you to have and it is crucial that you use a CMS like WordPress to share your brand with the masses.

If you have a website already, you’ll be glad to know that SoundCloud and WordPress have worked together to allow you to share a song on your website.

This means that when people visit your website they will be able to listen to your favorite song and this can bring some much-needed exposure to your creations.


#5 Build A Community

SoundCloud can be described as a sort of Instagram for music. When you set up an account with the website you’ll be able to create a profile and from this, you will be able to see who is listening to your music as well as what they think.

In fact, when you look at your favourite songs you’ll be able to see a bunch of profile pictures bounding along with the sound waves indicating that they are listening.

You have the ability to send a comment of appreciation to other artists and even ask for collaboration opportunities, so it really is a social media for music.


#6 Getting Noticed

As a budding musician there is no greater challenge than getting noticed by other artists and the public. It is the aim of many artists to gain exposure and share their music with the whole world. It can be a daunting task and can take a long time to master.

However, SoundCloud can speed the process along and make it much more likely for you to be noticed by the world and find some success. There are many users on SoundCloud who are active every day and you will never struggle to make an impression on someone.

The community spirit on this service is immense and the people who use SoundCloud will soon propel you to success. For example, did you know that Post Malone was discovered after one of his songs had a lot of plays?


#7 Make Money from Your Music

We all want to be able to make money doing what we love, but some of us can struggle to make the cut. As a musician you will be placed in front of many people and on SoundCloud you will also be exposed to producers and record companies.

If you are looking to make it big in the music world SoundCloud can be a true vehicle of discovery and it is possible for a producer to get in touch with you after listening to your music to ask for a collaboration.

This can propel your career and start you on the road to musical success in the world, allowing you to finally make money as a musician.

Do you use SoundCloud?

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