How Did Jeep Become a Status Symbol for the Upper Middle Class?


For car enthusiasts, jeep cars offer one of the richest car histories that yielded one of the best vehicles we see now on the streets.

In fact, because Jeeps were used mainly to transport troops and equipment, no one expected it to become a status symbol for the upper-middle class.

This is why these cars deserve a throwback to their rich history, which we provide in detail here.


Initial Prototypes

Initially, a demand for cars that weighs no more than 1600 pounds, but are still able to carry 600 pounds arose. It was also necessary for that car to have a four-wheeled drive and a minimum speed of 3 mph.

Eventually, 3 prototypes were produced: Ford, Willys-Overland, and American Bantam. Of course, when the army engineers ran tests over the three prototypes, the time came for evaluation, which the Willys won over due to its maximum speed, acceleration, and its ability to climb sloping grounds.

Although the Willys weighed over the specified maximum of 1600 pounds, the new altered specifications allowed for the designers of the Willys to win.

No one knows where the name “Jeep” came from, but some speculate it is derived from the term “GP” short for General Purpose in military jargon.


Chrysler Jeep Engine

Later, more designs were produced, like the CJ, which was first introduced in Toledo, Ohio to help with the heavy farm work.

However, nothing outmatched the Chrysler jeep which came to showrooms after the jeep brand was acquired by Chrysler Automobiles in 1987. Up until now, Chrysler jeeps are famous for their sturdiness in rough roads, and their 3.6-liter Pentastar V-6 engine.

Any Chrysler dealership near me will make sure to highlight that the Chrysler engine is stronger than its rivals despite how common it is. The Chrysler in 2007 certainly scored with its 283-hp V-6.

Nevertheless, other good jeep models were there in showrooms as well, like the ones produced by Subaru.


A Status Symbol for the Upper Middle Class

Nowadays, we can clearly see how the jeep is famous in the US that any car that resembles it is automatically referred to as a jeep.

The Wrangler jeeps became popular due to the comfort and space they offered, with their size becoming slightly larger than drivers were used to.

Now, jeeps we see in the market work on adopting convenience and spatial comfort of the Wrangler models along with retaining everything that made jeeps special back in the mid-twentieth century, which is acceleration, speed, and ability to speed along bumpy and steep roads.

Manufacturers know how this car is tied to our American history, which is why it takes great care in putting all those little details that made jeeps popular in the first place in the newest models.

This car has a charm that appealed to many people throughout the years up until now, probably due to how glorious it looks as it speeds up on highways, so next time you look at a jeep in Chrysler showrooms, its rich history that dates back to WWII may give you another reason to purchase one of these beauties.

Although many people would like smaller, more compact models, the truth still remains that jeeps are reliable and durable since that very first Willy prototype.

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