4 Draining Business Procedures You Can Outsource to Professionals

Is your emerging business losing productivity because your team is stretched too thin? If you’re struggling to keep up with the myriad tasks that running a growing business demands, you are not alone.

Up to 80% of managers and small company directors believe that their time could be more productively spent and that certain day-to-day tasks are a drain on their time.

When your company is starting to expand, now could be a perfect time to hand over some of the most draining and repetitive aspects of your business to qualified stakeholders and save your specialized team for creative, growth-oriented activities.

But what outsourcing options are out there, and what would suit your business best? If you’re in the market for outsourcing opportunities, here is a list of routinely outsourced services to enable you to make an informed choice.

#1 Blogging Genius

Content Marketing is what it’s all about these days, and if your business website does not feature a company blog, you are being left behind.

Not only is a company blog perform an essential function Search Engine Optimization (SEO) purposes, but this platform is a great way to foster a relationship with your potential customers (and existing customer base), and build a reputation for your business as a trustworthy and credible source.

To run a successful blog, you need to provide informative, relevant, and well-researched content that is pitched directly to your target audience.

Many emerging companies make the mistake of believing that anyone can write adequate blog content and thus expecting to either maintain the blog on their own steam or requiring their already-stretched staff members to contribute. Having several people write for your blog is a great way to scramble your company’s voice, eroding your brand credibility.

This would be a real shame if you’ve already gone to the effort of investing in brand awareness. The sooner you hire a skilled writer (either freelance or through a content marketing agency), the sooner your business will be on track to make the most of the vast growth potential of content marketing.

#2 Forget Payroll Nightmares

If Payroll keeps you up at night, you are not alone. Many small business owners feel like no matter how hard they try to keep all their ducks in a row when it comes to Payroll, they struggle with H.R. and tax compliance, and make mistakes which end up (quite rightly) annoying their loyal staff.

As a startup owner, there is nothing quite as freeing as handing over this complex operation to trained professionals or investing in purpose-built software for the job.

Outsourcing payroll is well known to dramatically improve tax and H.R. compliance. It also significantly reduces costs, compared with hiring and training an in-house payroll staff member.

#3 Managed I.T.

One of the first things emerging businesses tend to outsource is their I.T. needs. This is because Information Technology is such a specialized and complex area of expertise, and the stakes are incredibly high.

With so much of the economy depending on technology these days, it is essential that your business remains online and functioning at full capacity. What’s more, if you sell a web-based service, an I.T. glitch could cost you large swathes of your customer base in one fell swoop!

Compared to recruiting and training your own dedicated I.T. team, outsourcing your I.T. requirements could cut up to 40% from your I.T. budget. And the benefits of outsourced IT Support certainly doesn’t stop there.  Managed I.T. services are also the key to retaining the flexibility, agility, and scalability that emerging businesses require to evolve and grow with demand.

One of the most frustrating limitations of up-and-coming businesses is the limited ability to expand their I.T. capacity at the drop of a hat. Managed I.T. from an IT Support company you can depend on makes this possible, allowing your business to be responsive to the market and grow organically.

#4 Embrace Freelancers

75% of startups that incorporate freelancers into their business model report that the flexibility of hiring freelancers enabled them to beat out their competitors in the early stage of their business. How is this possible?

Because as a small business, you probably don’t have the funding early on in your story to hire the best talent out there on a full-time basis. However, you may be able to pay for talented, skilled freelancers to do one-off projects for your business that will really count.

When you first open up shop, your own staff may not have the breadth of skills to tackle every project that you require, but you may not have the long-term need for individuals with the skills you’re looking for. Hiring freelancers means your business can step up to the plate when the demand arises, and slow down again once the rush is over.

Whether your business has just got off the ground, or you’ve been plateaued for a while, these outsourcing options could be the boost you need.

Are you outsourcing simple jobs?

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