3 Ways to Build a More Secure Business


The modern state of technology has presented a wide range of positives and negatives to business owners.

Although starting a business is now easier than ever, the accessibility of modern technology has meant that small businesses are at a greater security risk than ever before.

With this in mind, you need to do everything possible to ensure your company stays secure. Here are three ways of doing this…

Here are three ways of doing this…


#1 Use Strong, Frequently Changed Passwords

Although the security threats facing modern businesses are numerous and varied, sometimes the simplest of solutions can be the most effective.

Hackers frequently use algorithms and keylogging software to figure out passwords and gain access to sensitive information.

Whatever methods a hacker tries to use against your business, you can minimize the risk of a breach by making two consistent commitments: setting strong passwords, (several characters, upper and lowercase letters, and at least two numbers), and changing those passwords on a regular basis.

The frequency of changing business passwords depends on the niche your business is in and how much security risk it carries. However, no matter the state of your business, taking a blasé attitude to password security is a blunder you can’t afford to make.


#2 Biometric Scanning


This is a slightly more high-tech security measure, which was the stuff of science fiction only a couple of decades ago.

More and more businesses are making use of biometric scanning (tech that scans a part of someone’s body in place of a password or number combination) to create one more barrier between them and malicious hackers.

You’re probably most familiar with simple fingerprint recognition scanners, but the niche has gone much further than this.

Run a business for long enough, and eventually you’ll be contacted by a retina or biometric facial recognition identity verification service.

Although you may have heard of various irritating bugs and glitches that marred the performance of this tech in the early days, tech has come a long way, and these issues are being ironed out with increasing effectiveness.

If you want to be 110% sure that no one’s accessing your company data other than the people you trust, this security layer is certainly something worth considering.


#3 Friendly Hackers


Seen as you’re a small business owner, the term “friendly hacker” may seem like a bizarre contradiction of terms.

However, there’s now a way for hackers to be a good thing for businesses. Multi-million dollar corporations

Multi-million dollar corporations like Facebook have been hiring friendly hackers to try and crack their networks, as this can highlight any glaring weaknesses in their existing security infrastructure.

If a friendly hacker identifies a bug or a weakness that will make your company a prime target for more malicious cyber criminals, they can notify you about it immediately, and recommend ways of filling in the gaps.

At the end of the day, there’ll be fewer holes in your security network, and it will be harder for outside parties to access your sensitive information.

This niche is growing all the time, so start looking for your own friendly hacker!

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