What Really Happens When Your Business Website Is A Mess?


It’s fair to say that a decent website is as vital for modern sales as a respectable retail space. That’s why an online presence is now the first port of call for many companies. As well as creating a whole new platform for sales, a well-designed website can boost reputation, and even bring physical customers to your door.

But, as much as a fantastic website can take you far, a bad one can also stop your efforts in their tracks. A messy maze of a website will lead you to a dead-end in no time, losing your customers and even respect. You certainly won’t stand a chance against your competitors this way.

The best way around this would be to either research methods like HTML and web development or turn to a web design company who know exactly what it takes to create a clean website your customers can trust.

For proof of why getting on top here is so important, let’s consider what really happens when your website is a mess.


Customers click away

The most apparent result of a messy website is an increased bounce rate. Picture the scene; a customer has clicked onto your site, either because your search listing caught their eye or because they’ve heard a bit about you.

This is what we call a lead, and it’s pretty much the most important thing you can hope for in business. Yet, that lead becomes a leave as soon as a said customer sees the state of your site. Your information is all over the place, and your pictures don’t even load in alignment with your text.

A customer is never going to try to decipher all that. Instead, they’ll just click straight off and turn to a website which is easier to navigate.


Confusion about your products

Even if a customer did persevere past your messy front page, a poor website could quickly lead to confusion about your products. Imprecise or poorly formatted product descriptions are unlikely to win you many sales.

Even if they did, your mess of information could lead customers to expect something different from what you offer. This would lead to disappointments and returns which, if word got out, could be worse than no sales.

Instead, you should write crisp content which ensures your business message is understood at every stage of the transaction.


Failure to convert

Ultimately, it all comes down to the fact that your mess of a website would leave you failing to convert sustainable profits. And, given that profits are the only way to stay afloat in business, that’s a problem.

The fact is that a well-designed website is all about conversion. You want a page which proves to those leads why you’re worth their time, not one which sends them running for the hills.

No matter how you do it, then, you need a winning website which is crisp, clean, and customer-focused. Otherwise, there’s no way you’ll be able to keep on top in the current market.

Is your business website a mess?

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