3 Ways to Ensure Your Business Message Is Actually Seen & Understood


Most of us are skilled practitioners. Most of us are absolute ninjas. Most of us have built a mastery in a particular skill from our early years of childhood. What might that skill be, shared by so many globally? Well, it’s the art of ignoring advertisements. Walk to the grocery store in your local town and you’ll likely ignore dozens of advertisements placed all around you.

From the vans of tradesmen offering their contact number for a particular kind of work, billboards above the road, walkway ever-changing billboards, bus station advertisements, bus advertisements, train advertisements, shop window marketing, all of this barely scratches the surface. And now, we carry our phones around with us, where we can see hundreds of advertisements in our apps and social media timelines within the space of an hour.

We have to ignore them. If we didn’t, almost all of us would file for bankruptcy before the end of the month. However, as a business leader, this can be a problem. How can you ensure your business message is understood and even engaged with, in a world so adept at ignoring what you have to say?

Let us consider the following:


#1 Know Where To Market

Knowing where to market your business is half the battle. You can try a billboard in a relatively populated area, but your sample size of those who may actually be interested can be hard to predict. Do you wish to appeal to new customers, or repeatedly engage an audience you have?

Likely both. This is why the top Facebook advertising company can help you do so, adhering to the latest terms and conditions required by the social media giant. Services like this, as well as SEO outfits, can make the largest difference over time.


#2 Keep It Simple

Keep your message simple. An over complex advertisement can only lead y our potential audience to become confused. Consider the ads that occur before watching a YouTube video. Most of the time, you can skip said ads within five seconds. Most people do.

This means that you need to show who you are, and what product or service you have within that time, as well as showing something engaging that will prevent someone from hitting that skip button immediately. In the age of social media, this ethos can be important.


#3 Remain Practical And Present

In the always online world, small marketing campaigns can easily be forgotten. A steady stream of video content, online ads, clickthrough portals and sponsored posts with influencers can help keep your business name out there, might help you bat down the competition, and can generally help you feel more comfortable in your content strategy.

It’s also important to develop this alongside your products and a routinely changing set of trends within whatever zeitgeist you hold onto. If you can do that, you’ll have a better time of things.

With this advice, we hope your business message can be absorbed by as many as possible.

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