5 Myths About Plastic Surgery


Plastic surgery is something that millions of people undergo every day. If you’re considering whether you may be a good candidate or not, it’s important to know as much as possible about plastic surgery.

To help you better understand the facts behind it, here are some of the biggest myths to weed out from the facts.


#1 Only Women Get Plastic Surgery

One of the biggest misconceptions about plastic surgery is that only women get it done. For this reason, many men who would like to get plastic surgery done are hesitant, believing they’ll arrive in a surgeon’s office full of women.

Although the majority of plastic surgery patients are, in fact, female, that doesn’t mean that men don’t get procedures done as well. There are many ways that men can also benefit from plastic surgery.

Men can also get treatments done, from rhinoplasty to implants. If you’re a man thinking about whether or not you’d be a good candidate for surgery, then don’t hesitate to make an appointment for a consultation. A surgeon can explain what sort of realistic expectations you can hope to achieve.


#2 Plastic Surgery Is Purely Cosmetic

While it’s true that many plastic surgery procedures are done for the purpose of improving your appearance, it’s not always done for the purpose of aesthetics.

Some people may get plastic surgery to fix a birth defect or repair a deviated septum. A victim may undergo repair surgery for injuries that they sustained during an accident. There are many different reasons why someone may require plastic surgery beyond just wanting to look better.


#3 Plastic Surgery Lasts Forever

Plastic surgery isn’t a quick magic fix which will last forever regardless of your lifestyle. In many cases, age may take its toll on your results, or even an injury.

It’s essential that you follow any lifestyle tips that your surgeon instructs so that you avoid negatively affecting your results. In some cases, regardless of how much you take care of your body, you’ll eventually require a touch-up treatment. Your surgeon will be able to explain whether this will be necessary after a certain amount of time.


#4 All Plastic Surgeons Are The Same

Not all surgeons are created equal. It requires a considerable amount of skill and precision to perform a successful surgery that aligns with your desired results.

It’s vital that you do plenty of research so that you find a provider that you feel confident in who comes highly recommended. That way, you’ll feel as comfortable as possible during the surgery and more likely to be pleased with the outcome.


#5 Your Self-Esteem Will Increase

Plastic surgery can help many people conquer certain insecurities about their body. However, it’s not guaranteed that you’ll love your results.

Everyone’s experience with plastic surgery is different and can vary depending on many factors.

Are you thinking about plastic surgery?

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