3 Tips For Tightening Up Loose Skin Without The High Cost Of Plastic Surgery


For people who’ve lost a lot of weight, there is often a new problem to deal with where they have too much excess skin on their bodies. When they were heavier, their skin was more filled in. But once that weight is off, the skin has been stretched without much ability to bounce back.

While this can be taken care of through plastic surgery, this type of medical procedure is often expensive and not attainable for many people. Because of this, it’s important to try to find other ways to address the issues of excess skin that you’re now dealing with.

To help with this, here are three tips for tightening up loose skin without the high cost of plastic surgery.

#1 Try To Lose Weight Slowly

If you can manage it, either through proper planning or the right weight loss regimen, it’s ideal that you’re able to lose weight slowly in the first place.

While this might not be what you want exactly, Cassie Shortsleeve, a contributor to Men’s Health, shares that losing weight slowly and steadily can help to prevent you from having too much loose skin in the first place.

When weight loss happens quickly, you don’t give your skin time to get used to its new forms, which can result in it just hanging there rather than coming in close to the body as it should.

So if you’re able to lose weight at a slow and regular pace, you should be able to avoid some of the drastic issues with your skin.

#2 Add More Muscle

With your skin already loosened from your body, what can be beneficial is to try to fill up those loose areas with more muscle mass.

According to Dr. Debra Rose Wilson, a contributor to Healthline.com, an exercise in the form of weight training can help you build muscle so you can replace some of the areas where fat formerly resided with stronger, leaner muscle.

While this likely won’t serve to fix your problem completely, it can help to tighten up some of your problem areas and reduce the appearance of such loose skin.

#3 Undergo Surgery In Stages

When you lose weight from all over your body, the loose skin you’re dealing with will be all over your body as well. But because having surgery for everything at once would be very expensive and potentially dangerous, Dr. Melinda Ratini, a contributor to WebMD, suggests that you try to undergo surgery in stages.

By waiting the right amount of time to ensure that your body will really stick to these changes and then only doing plastic surgery on one area of your body at a time, you’ll be able to save up the money you need for each section of your surgery rather than taking on a big bill all at once.

If you’ve lost weight and are now needing to lose some of your extra skin but can’t afford to pay for plastic surgery right now, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you sort out some other options.

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