How The Internet Can Help Your Business – 7 That Will Help You


The internet has been a revolution for business and not just online businesses but for offline too.

It is not only thanks to people being able to buy things online that has changed the way we do business but thanks to the internet there are more and more ways to start a business, help a business, run a business and grow a business.

The internet has allowed customers to access information about your company and your offering via your website and request information from you any time they wish to as well as this; there are many other things that it helps you with.


#1 Market Research

Most businesses exist and are successful because they are solving a problem. But before you can start a business, you need to know what the problem is that you need to address.

Surveys have always been a great way to find out this kind of information, but thanks to the internet, standing out on the street asking people to give a few minutes of their time is a thing of the past.

You can easily gather data from market research online by sending out surveys to as many people; you can reach to make your data set as wide as possible and therefore, as convincing as possible. You need to ensure you have a fast internet connection when you have to start something online so there are no interruptions. You can find fibre optic deals on Usave.

There are plenty of ways to do this online now, from Survey Monkey to Google Forms, and you can send them out via email and social media.

When you are writing surveys and conducting market research, make sure you ask a good mix of questions as you want to collect demographic data, but you also need to mix those questions in with the meatier ones where you’re asking about the problem you’re trying to solve.

In addition to surveying people, it is also essential to reach out to relevant people in your market for interviews. Call them on the phone. Send them questions via email. Do whatever it takes to get into their brains and onto their radar.


#2 Create A Fantastic Website

The internet allows you to have an online presence as well as a physical one and one that also reaches people all over the world.

Having a website gives your company more credibility and is a great way to show your potential customers what you can do; it acts as a portfolio or a showroom of your work.

You can use it to display testimonials from other customers, explain the products and services you offer and provide any advice about FAQs necessary all in one place.

Even add a blog on there to add that extra touch for your customers and get a good ranking on Google too.


#3 Educate Yourself

The internet is a fantastic tool where you can now make the most of online education and learning.

There are online courses through universities where you can study business; it could be watching TED Talks online, listening to podcasts, downloading or subscribing to programs such as Legendary Marketer which helps people to start an online business or to grow an existing business from anywhere in the world!


#4 Establish A Social Media Presence

Social media pages are accessible 24/7 365 days a year, possibly reaching thousands of people a month. Don’t just leave them sitting there thinking that you have done all that is required; you need to look after your accounts, keep them up to date and continue to engage with your customers.

When you have written a blog, get it posted on social media and continuously put your brand and your offering out there. Customers and clients expect to be able to communicate with you in real-time. But of course, it isn’t just for the benefit of the customer but for you too. Social media will improve your brand awareness, build your identity and give your business personality that people can relate to.

It also generates a considerable amount of data about your customers in real-time which means that you can find out who your customers are, where they live, what they think about you and your brand and what they like.

In finding out this information, you can then use it to your advantage and tailor your social media plans and messages to give your customers more of what they want.

Having this insight, social media can also help you to build strong relationships and engage with your customers on a more personal level.

It enables you to give better customer service as you can respond to customer feedback and comments which will help the reputation of your brand and build customer rapport.

Having a relationship with your customers on social media, even if it’s just responding to lovely comments, is a fantastic way to show them that you genuinely care about them.


#5 Write A Newsletter

Most businesses have a newsletter these days, and there’s a good reason for it because they work. There are again some fantastic tools such as Mailchimp which can help to run your newsletter because they offer free and premium plans.

Using MailChimp, you can design email templates, manage lists of emails and schedule email campaigns. If you’re sending out emails then you need to be consistent with them and send them regularly as when people know to expect a newsletter from you, they’re less likely to lose it in their inbox.

Any big announcements you have you should use your newsletter as the platform to announce them.


#6 Track Your Success

You can use the internet to track your success, from cloud-based sales software to Google Analytics and social media analytics too.

The data you can gather can help you to plan your forecasts, see where you could have done better last month, know why you did so well the other week. You can solve all these problems and make your business a success.


#7 You Can Always Find Things Out

If you feel like something’s too complicated or you’re not able to do something you want, type it into Google. The internet always has the answers and many answers so you can find out anything you need to or want to with your business.

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