5 Ways That Live Video Interactive Streaming Can Drive Your Company Sales

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Live streaming is becoming more than a convenience for businesses that want to chat with personnel or clients from around the world.

Indeed, entrepreneurs have found that live streams are changing the way that products and services are marketed.

These are five ways that using live video interactive streaming in a business marketing campaign can improve sales and the company’s bottom line.


#1 Better Engagement

Live streaming has become incredibly popular, and thanks to platforms like Periscope and Facebook Live, it’s easy for businesses or individuals to create live content.

Live streaming is known for high engagement, which is why it’s such an appealing option and a fantastic way to drive company sales. Live streams get 10 times more engagement than other types of video content.


#2 Product Demonstrations

Knowing that live streams are engaging and shareable is great — but how can you leverage that content to its best advantage? For many business owners, the answer is product demonstrations.

Live streamed demos are an ideal way to showcase products since doing so invites users from around the world to connect and watch from anywhere in the world using whatever devices they’re comfortable with. Aside from convenience, though, live streaming product demonstrations are associated with several unique benefits:

  • Greater traffic: With more people sharing links to your content, live streaming can lead to a boost in traffic and more clicks on and around your site.
  • Building brand loyalty: People who sit in for live streams are the first to view your content. This exclusive feeling can generate brand loyalty.
  • Social media boost: You can use your social media channels to promote live events, which can lead to more followers and new permanent customers.


#3 Shareable Content

Live video streams are incredibly shareable. Millions of people watch videos online, and mobile users in particular love sharing videos.

In fact, roughly 90 percent of people who watch videos on mobile devices will go on to share that content with others. Live videos are especially viable, though, because this medium is growing in popularity. Live videos are outpacing the growth of other types of online video content, and ad growth are currently doubling year over year.


#4 Announcements

Hype can be a powerful marketing tool.

Teasing an audience about an upcoming product or secret announcement can generate excitement among your current readership, which can lead to word-of-mouth advertising and greater interest in your products or services.

You can then use a live stream to cap off your marketing campaign with an enticing real-time announcement.


#5 Instructional Seminars

Seminars, how-to videos, and similar types of content are excellent ways to teach your target audience something and move them forward through your sales funnel. Live instructional content can also be less directly sales related, though.

Teaching people how to use your product or service can further build brand loyalty, and it’s a good way to engage with users on a personal level.

Video interactive streaming is quickly becoming a go-to for business professionals and marketers who are looking to improve the sales on their products and services by gaining a larger share of the digital market.

If you’re looking for reasons to start leveraging this technology for your enterprise, remember these five ways that live video interactive streaming can drive sales.

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