Adrenaline Junkie? Here Are The 6 Careers For You

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Some people thrive under pressure. They like to live fast-paced and dangerously. The adrenaline rush can be addicting too, so some people seek out careers and lives that will let them indulge in this.

That isn’t to say they aren’t great at what they do, but thrill-seeking and adventure can be a powerful driving force. Although with jobs like this, there is always a risk you’ll need to check out something like .

If you want a career that you can get the adrenaline boosts and do some good, then look no further.

“You can’t be afraid to put out a fire if you’re a fireman. You can’t be afraid to be a police officer and carry a gun if you’re afraid to get up and go out there. So you’ve got to put that fear to the side and go out in faith to overcome that.” – Duane Chapman


#1 Criminal Investigators and Detectives

CSI and Sherlock Holmes make being a detective, a criminal investigator, or PI an exciting career choice. They can pick and choose the cases if they are working for themselves, and if you are part of the police force, you will end up with some of the darkest (and most interesting, perhaps?) cases.

You will get to see the crime scene, and build a case about the type of people who may have committed the crime. Then following up, the leads might take skill and cunning. Interviewing suspects and other people for information, looking for pieces of the puzzle. Most private detectives start their careers in law enforcement before moving on.

Typically you’ll be working unusual hours with a range of different people. It is enticing for those who love a mystery and some added danger.


#2 Firefighters

Where most people have the instinct to run away from fire, Firefighters quash that right down and run into the danger. This surpasses the adrenaline junkie and rolls right into hero status. Firefighters respond to a range of emergencies, from smaller fires to large building fires and explosions.

Firefighters typically have a range of other skills to the emergency medical technician being one of them.

They work very long hours, and shifts may last between 24 to 72 hours – longer if they get called to action for a big even just before they clock out.

There is a lot of heavy lifting so strength and stamina are what you should be aiming for. You’ll also need to complete some training in airway management and trauma care – first on the scene carries a lot of weight.


#3 ER Doctors and Surgeons

If ever there was a life and death career choice – this is it. Both surgeons and doctors have a lot of responsibility. The ER is referred to as the pit in many shows because it can be so grueling it can be seen as a form of punishment. However, some people love it.

If the doctors and surgeons don’t act quickly enough, people can not only lose limbs but can lose their life too. They have to be able to mentally go through many different possibilities when they are presented with someone who has been in an accident or is deteriorating quickly.

There will be a decade of training before you will be able to tackle almost anything that is thrown your way. Between medical school, internship, and residencies. It is a hard fought career choice, but there is no limit to the lives you are able to save.


#4 Police

The front line of protecting the public. Much like the firefighters, they will run into danger to protect others. It might be a violent crime or a speeding motorist, and many suspects don’t always come quietly. Police officers put themselves at risk every day in order to keep the public as safe as possible.

Police dramas and movies are so gripping because most of us can’t really imagine what it feels like to run into danger. Different countries will all have different requirements for you joining up, but most of the time you can apply to police school just out of high-school.

There are physical requirements that you will need to meet to pass the exams. And, there are a lot of shirts that need to be covered, so you will likely work unusual hours, and even longer when there is a situation that requires a lot of back up.


#5 Correctional Officers

People are typically in prison for a reason. The reason is that have committed a crime of some variation. Some prisons are home to criminals that have committed more than a nonviolent robbery or other minor offense.

Murderers, gang members, and more need to have corrections officers take care of them. They are supervised at almost all times. For their own safety as well as the safety of others.

If the rules aren’t followed and enforced, there can be fights and riots. During which many inmates can get violent and hurt themselves and others. Jails need to be staffed and kept in order 24/7, so there will be a range of night shifts and weekend work.

Overtime is a common way to make more money in this profession. Personal safety, the ability to spot a situation brewing before it happens and act quickly is a must.


#6 Ambulance Drivers

There is a skill in driving at high speed while heading to the scene or carrying a patient onboard. Navigating the traffic, performing medical treatments – both big and small, communicating with the hospital and the police when required. Multitasking is pushed to its limits with this position.

Every moment the ambulance is out is a minute closer to the danger zone for critically injured people. A race against the clock, performing life-saving medical treatment and communication is critical.

Most of the interesting and exciting jobs are the ones where humans head out into the world to protect other humans. So, if you are looking for a career change, or are just starting out and you think that you have what it takes – choose from one of the careers above.

Have you thought about any of these careers?

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